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What Is Antenatal Care And Why Is It Important Pdf

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Are you pregnant for the first time?

High quality prenatal or antenatal care ANC is an essential component of the reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health continuum of care.

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Inter-conceptional Care -Prenatal care

Therefore, antenatal care needs to be scrutinized and planned carefully. We investigate the association of ANC in low-income and middle-income countries with short- and long-term mortality and nutritional child outcomes. Make your first visit to an antenatal clinic as soon as possible after a missed period. For Medical Professionals This adjudication guideline provides coverage guidance on baseline clinical care for all pregnant women covered under Daman plans. Antenatal care ANC provides healthcare services to pregnant women in an attempt to ensure, the best possible pregnancy outcome for women and their babies. Pregnant women with complications, or have … There is limited evidence of large-scale cross-country studies on the impact of ANC offered to pregnant women on child health outcomes. The Importance of Postpartum Care.

Antenatal Care

The basic antenatal care approach is used in the public health institutions in South Africa to provide healthcare services to the pregnant women. The basic antenatal care approach is a modified version of the focused antenatal care approach that was recommended by researchers during and adopted by the World Health Organisation in following realisation that traditional antenatal care programmes that were meant for developed countries were poorly implemented and largely ineffective when used in developing countries. The basic antenatal care approach is listed as one of the priority interventions for reducing maternal and child mortality in the country and is recommended as the minimum level of antenatal care that every pregnant woman should receive. Every site where pregnant women make contact with healthcare services should provide antenatal care services daily using this approach so that the first antenatal care visit consultation takes place as soon as the pregnancy has been confirmed or the very first time that a pregnant woman visits a health facility. The introductions of the basic antenatal care approach have been a positive milestone for South Africa.

Why Antenatal Care is Essential

Editorial Team. Focus and Scope. Around , women died because of pregnancy are related to complications every year globally. One of the strategies to minimize the risks of both maternal and infant mortality is access and utilization of antenatal care ANC services. Results: The results and discussion of the journal find the influencing factors of ANC visits on pregnant women which involve family support, socio-cultural, accessibility such as: transportation, distance, cost and service quality, Conclusion: Pregnant women are expected to check as routine as possible related to their pregnancy at least 4 times according to standard visits of K4 during pregnancy.

Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. During the past few decades, females had been making conscious decision to have antenatal checkup from skilled health care provider due to improved education which had played a vital role to enhance their awareness regarding the importance of this comprehensive health service. The objective was to find out the perception of females of child bearing age about the importance of antenatal care during their last pregnancy, living in a suburban community of Kot-Lakhodare Lahore. Females of reproductive age years living in Kot-Lakhodare were enrolled.

Basic Antenatal Care Approach to Antenatal Care Service Provision

Most women who are pregnant in the UK will have an uncomplicated pregnancy, giving birth to a healthy baby at full term.

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importance of antenatal care pdf

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Health education during antenatal care: the need for more

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ANC also provides women and their families with appropriate information and advice for a healthy pregnancy, safe childbirth, and postnatal recovery, including care of the newborn, promotion of early, exclusive breastfeeding, and assistance with deciding on future pregnancies in order to improve pregnancy outcomes.

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Global evidence has shown significant contribution of Antenatal care ANC in the detection and treatment of pregnancy related complications.

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Appropriate antenatal care is critical for health promotion of the mother resulting in good maternal and neonatal health thereby reducing maternal.

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Unfortunately, antenatal care interventions alone do not address the main causes of maternal deaths that result from complications arising during labour, delivery.