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Modeling and Role-Modeling is based on the philosophy that all humans have the desire to live healthy, happy lives, to find meaning and purpose in their lives, and to become the most that they can be. This holds true across the lifespan. When we use strategies that focus on the strengths of our clients, help them become more fully alive even as they approach physical death , and to live their lives to the fullest, then we are truly helping them grow, heal, and transcend. We help them discover the essence of their being, to find or reclaim their soul.

Modelling and role-modelling: integrating nursing theory into practice

Taught English at Afghan Institute of Technology in Kabul, Afghanistan Also served as a school nurse and practiced family nursing in the overseas American and European communities, which included attending more than 46 home deliveries with a certified nurse-midwife. Relief staff nurse at the United States Embassy Hospital Staff nurse in a coronary care unit for 5 years, worked in the respiratory intensive care unit, and was also the head nurse of the emergency department at St. For 8 years, she was an assistant professor of nursing in the fundamentals University of Michigan. Swain taught psychology research methods and statistics as a teaching assistant at DePauw University and later as a lecturer and an associate professor of psychology in nursing. Developed with Erickson a model that assesses a patients adaptation to stress, which is incorporated into the theory of Modeling and Role Modeling Current Activities Currently holds the position of provost for the New York State University System and resides in Appalachia, New York with her husband. Related concepts and their relations were further elaborated, labeled and articulated during the early 's when Erickson began a prolonged collaboration with Mary Ann Swain. During this period of time, the APAM model was tested, needs and developmental taxonomies elaborated, and linkages hypothesized.

After observing various inexperienced modelers constructing a business process model based on the same textual case description, it was noted that great differences existed in the quality of the produced models. The impression arose that certain quality issues originated from cognitive failures during the modeling process. Therefore, we developed an explanatory theory that describes the cognitive mechanisms that affect effectiveness and efficiency of process model construction: the Structured Process Modeling Theory SPMT. This theory states that modeling accuracy and speed are higher when the modeler adopts an i individually fitting ii structured iii serialized process modeling approach. The SPMT is evaluated against six theory quality criteria. For the design and analysis of information systems for organizations, analysts typically deal with the complexity of the organization by using conceptual models.

Modeling and role-modeling theory: a case study of holistic care

In this guide for nursing theories , we aim to help you understand what comprises a nursing theory and its importance, purpose, history, types, or classifications, and give you an overview through summaries of selected nursing theories. Nursing theories are organized bodies of knowledge to define what nursing is, what nurses do, and why they do it. Nursing theories provide a way to define nursing as a unique discipline that is separate from other disciplines e. It is a framework of concepts and purposes intended to guide nursing practice at a more concrete and specific level. Nursing, as a profession, is committed to recognizing its own unparalleled body of knowledge vital to nursing practice—nursing science.

Based on the modeling and role-modeling theory, nursing is a holistic approach to help individuals in their health care tasks and an interactive interpersonal.

Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory in Nursing Practice

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Helen C. Evelyn M. Mary Ann P. Swain present Background: BA, Masters and Doctoral work all in psychology Taught psychology, research methods, and statistics. Introduction -The modeling and role-modeling theory was derived inductively from Erickson's clinical and personal life experiences.

Role model

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