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Michael Hogan. Summary: Promotes public speaking as a vehicle for civic engagement Public Speaking and Civic Engagement advocates for being an engaged citizen of democracy by communicating ideas and information that could benefit and improve one's community.

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View larger. Preview this title online. Request a copy. Download instructor resources. Additional order info. Buy this product. K educators : This link is for individuals purchasing with credit cards or PayPal only. Democratic Citizenship and the Ethics of Public Speaking 2. Listening and Speaking in a Democratic Society 3. Speaking with Confidence 4. Developing Significant Topics 6. Responsible and Productive Research 7. Supporting Your Ideas 8.

Organizing Your Speech 9. Using Language Effectively Delivering Your Speech Effectively Speaking to Inform Persuasive Speaking in a Democratic Society Arguing Persuasively Speaking on Special Occasions Speaking and Deliberating in Groups.

Download Canvas Revel e-Pack 0. Pearson offers affordable and accessible purchase options to meet the needs of your students.

Connect with us to learn more. He is the author, co-author, or editor of eight books and more than sixty articles, book chapters, and reviews on political campaigns and social movements, foreign policy debates, presidential rhetoric, and public opinion and polling. He has served as a scholarly advisor to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, and he is co-director of an online educational website funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Voices of Democracy: The U.

Oratory Project. Hogan has served on the editorial board of the Quarterly Journal of Speech under five different editors, and he has been on the editorial board of Rhetoric and Public Affairs since its founding in Glen Williams Ph. His research and teaching focus on communication education particularly instructor training and development and rhetorical criticism. His work in pedagogy appears in various volumes of the Basic Communication Course Annual and in Communication Teacher.

From his days as a lad consuming book after book, he has had a keen interest in the value of basic communication skills and how to nurture those skills. He continues to refine his understanding, teaching courses in public speaking and honors public speaking , persuasion, public address, and rhetorical criticism.

At the graduate level he concentrates on public address and has also taught communication pedagogy. He directed the basic course for each program, with the exception of Missouri State.

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Public Speaking and Civic Engagement, 4th Edition. With an emphasis on the importance of communication, it teaches students to effectively share insights and ideas, listen to those of others, and debate opinions critically as part of their responsibility as democratic citizens.

Throughout the text, the authors demonstrate the importance of public speaking with concrete examples in a concise and accessible format that students can understand and enjoy. The Revel re-release of the 4th Edition offers updated videos, assessments, and interactive figures, integrated writing prompts, and new photos and examples that illustrate current events and contemporary public speaking situations. Fully digital and highly engaging, Revel replaces the textbook and gives students everything they need for the course.

Informed by extensive research on how people read, think, and learn, Revel is an interactive learning environment that enables students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience — for less than the cost of a traditional textbook. Updated - All videos, assessments, and interactive figures have been thoroughly evaluated for their relevance and currency.

In addition, new opportunities for students to interact with key content have been integrated throughout the text. Updated - Writing prompts integrated within each chapter ask students to reflect on the main topics covered. Updated - Photos and examples illustrate current events and contemporary public speaking situations.

Engaging material promotes public speaking as a vehicle for civic engagement Focus on Civic Engagement boxes tell stories of everyday people getting involved in society by engaging in civic affairs. A Chapter on Ceremonial Speaking in Democratic Society shows students how this tradition has a powerful role in reinforcing societal values. Annotated speeches in nearly half the chapters provide commentary and analysis of substantive issues and offer real-world examples of civic engagement.

The audience is put at the forefront , teaching students that public speaking is a collaborative process between the speaker and his or her audience, crucial to the planning, delivery, and outcome of a speech. Pedagogical features keep students engrossed in text material Highlighting Key Concepts boxes extend examples of key chapter concepts such as ethos, visual literacy, critical listening, fallacies, and cultural diversity.

Overviews and learning objectives emphasize key topics addressed in each chapter. Previews give readers a map of material in each chapter section.

Summaries reiterate key chapter concepts. Questions for Review and Reflection are integrated into each chapter to help students review key ideas and prepare for tests.

Dynamic content designed for the way today's students read, think, and learn brings concepts to life Videos and interactives integrated directly into the author-created narrative keep students engaged as they read through each chapter. MediaShare integration into Revelmakes it easy to share, assign, and assess a variety of media. Aligned with best practices and designed with learners in mind, Shared Media allows instructors and students to share and engage with videos and other media.

VideoQuiz assignments transform a typically passive activity into an active learning experience. Embedded assessments such as quizzes and concept checks afford students opportunities to check their understanding at regular intervals before moving on.

Assessments in Revel let instructors gauge student comprehension frequently, provide timely feedback, and address learning gaps along the way. The Revel mobile app lets students read, practice, and study — anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Content is available both online and offline, and the app syncs work across all registered devices automatically, giving students great flexibility to toggle between phone, tablet, and laptop as they move through their day. The app also lets students set assignment notifications to stay on top of all due dates. The writing functionality in Revel enables educators to integrate writing — among the best ways to foster and assess critical thinking — into the course without significantly impacting their grading burden.

Self-paced Journaling Prompts throughout the narrative encourage students to express their thoughts without breaking stride in their reading. Assignable Shared Writing Activities direct students to share written responses with classmates, fostering peer discussion. Essays integrated directly within Revel allow instructors to assign the precise writing tasks they need for the course. Highlighting, note taking, and a glossary let students read and study however they like.

Educators can add notes for students, too, including reminders or study tips. Superior assignability, tracking, and pedagogical tools help educators make sure students are completing their reading and understanding core concepts The assignment calendar allows educators to indicate precisely which readings must be completed on which dates. This clear, detailed schedule helps students stay on task by eliminating any ambiguity as to which material will be covered during each class.

When they understand exactly what is expected of them, students are better motivated to keep up. The performance dashboard empowers educators to monitor class assignment completion as well as individual student achievement. Actionable information, such as points earned on quizzes and tests and time on task, helps educators intersect with their students in meaningful ways. For example, the trending column reveals whether students' grades are improving or declining, helping educators to identify students who might need help to stay on track.

With single sign-on, students can be ready to access an interactive blend of authors' narrative, media, and assessment on their first day. Flexible, on-demand grade synchronization capabilities allow educators to control exactly which grades should be transferred to their LMS Gradebook. Revel is built for digital learning, but we've got you covered if you need print, too Revel gives students everything they need in an integrated digital learning environment. But if students need a loose-leaf print reference to complement their Revel experience, they can purchase one from within their Revel course at any time.

New to This Edition. Share a link to All Resources. Instructor Resources. Course Resources. Discipline Resources. About the Author s. Patricia Hayes Andrews Ph. During her thirty years of teaching at Indiana, she taught courses in public speaking, business and professional communication, organizational communication, and communication pedagogy. She published more than three dozen articles in communication journals and is the author or co-author of several textbooks, including: Communication for Business and the Professions , Organizational Communication: Empowerment in a Technological Society , and Public Speaking and Civic Engagement.

Currently, she is actively involved in her community where she serves as a member of the board of directors of the Shalom Community Center a day shelter, resource center, and hunger relief program for those experiencing poverty and homelessness in South Central Indiana. Also active in Habitat for Humanity, in she was the co-recipient of their Volunteer-of-the-Year Award. She is a founding member of the Interfaith Winter Shelter.

In , she received a leadership award at a volunteer-of- the-year event sponsored by the City of Bloomington. James R. Andrews Ph.

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Promotes public speaking as a vehicle for civic engagement. Public Speaking and Civic Engagement J. Andrews Public Speaking and Civic Engagement public speaking and civic engagement 3rd edition pdf, public speaking public speaking and civic engagement answers. Fausto Olav. Telusuri situs ini.

[PDF] Download Public Speaking and Civic Engagement (4th Edition) Ebook | READ ONLINE More Info => Download.

Public Speaking and Civic Engagement, 4th Edition

Choose the book you like when you register 4. You can also cancel your membership if you are bored 5. With an emphasis on the importance of communication, the text teaches readers to effectively share insights and ideas, listen to those of others, and debate opinions critically as part of their responsibility as democratic citizens. The authors continue to explore longstanding issues and their impact on civic engagement, such as the threat of terrorism in the Middle East, the European debt crisis, and domestic debates on healthcare, immigration, environmental policy, education, and other contentious issues.

Promotes public speaking as a vehicle for civic engagement. Public Speaking and Civic Engagement J. Andrews Public Speaking and Civic Engagement public speaking and civic engagement 3rd edition pdf, public speaking public speaking and civic engagement answers. Moses Patroclus.

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roibktiggxkrnpnd - Listen, read and download J. Michael Hogan's book Public Speaking and Civic Engagement in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book.

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Michael Hogan, Patricia Hayes Andrews, James R. Andrews, Glen Williams This Public Speaking and Civic Engagement book is not really ordinary book, you.