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Bass Guitar Chords Scroll down to see the full list of tutorials in this section If you know your basic scales, you may be wondering where to go from there. After all, scales are the foundations of all music right? If scales are the foundation of music, chords are the first bricks laid upon the mortar.

Now, when you teach yourself bass guitar, it should be an awesome experience and a fun one as well. If you are a relatively new bassist, the single most challenging thing to learn is to make your fingers obey the motions you want them to. In this section of bass guitar chords tutorials, we will be touching on several aspects of music harmony and techniques. If you do not have any basic knowledge of music theory or you are not even able to fret single notes properly, go back to the other sections of the website first.

The topics covered here are slightly more advanced and you need to have some proper foundations to avoid frustrations.

For the rest of you guys, you might also be wondering. What is a bass chord? Why do I need to learn how to play chords on the bass guitar? I would like to address this by saying that most bassists don't typically play alot of chords by themselves during a piece of music. The bass guitar is a "support" instrument and your role is to complete the harmony in a band or ensemble. In short, your usual duty as a bassist when jamming with other musicians is to play one of the notes that forms the chord harmony in the band.

This is where your knowledge in music theory of bass chords comes in. Sometimes, bassists are not told what to specific music notes to play but rather only informed of the chord progressions or key that a piece of music is in. In such scenarios, you are expected to play the bass to complement and support the overall music across the music progression.

Of course, you could be given sheet music or bass chord charts to create your own basslines or improvisation across chord progressions. To do all this, you need to have some basic knowledge of bass chord formations and music theory. With a good grasp of the tools and knowledge in your mind and guitar, only then can you play the bass guitar to your full potential. Major Chords on Bass Guitar If you want to learn to make your playing sound huge, you will need to learn some chords.

The best place to start is with the most basic of all chords; the major chords. Major chords are upbeat chords with large tonal properties. In essence, this means that they sound big. In this article, we will discuss some of the most basic major chords on bass guitar. First off is E Major. E Major is one of the most commonly used chords in modern music. From acoustics to jazz, the E Major chord is favored for its powerful sound and open feel. To play the E Major chord, start off be playing your E string open.

Now fret the second note of your D string for the note E. Finally, fret the first fret of your G string for the note G. As long as you play these notes together with E as the lowest note, you are playing an E Major chord. Next up is the A Major chord. Just the E Major, the G Major has a chord with a powerful quality.

Many musicians tend to use the G Major in acoustic pieces. To play G Major, start off by playing your E string fretted on the third fret for the note G. Next, play your A string on the second fret, for the note B. Now, play the D string as an open note. Our third chord is the C Major chord. C Major is very different from our previous chords, as it is one of the few major chords that have a minor sounding quality.

Many musicians tend to mistake the C Major chord for a minor chord. To play the C Major chord, start off by fretting the third fret of your A string to achieve the note C. Next, fret the second fret of your D string for the note E. Finally, play your G string as an open note. This is the C Major chord. If you study these major chords on bass guitar, you may see a similarity between them all.

They all are built off of a triad. There is no exception. Some are only the triad, while others have octaves as well. This is because triads are the roots of all chords. Keep this in mind, and try experimenting with creating your own bass guitar triads. Keep your intervals in mind, and have fun. Minor Chords on Bass Guitar If you want to expand your playing, the best way to do so is by learning chords on the bass guitar.

Whether you are a beginner or a player just looking to increase your knowledge, chords can not only help you to improve your skills as a player, but they can help to improve your knowledge of the fret board. In this article, we will discuss some basic minor chords on bass guitar that will allow you to get a jump start on your chord playing. Our first minor chord is E minor. E minor sounds very similar to E Major.

The only difference is a single note. To play the E minor chord, start off by playing your E string as an open note. Next, play your A string on the second fret for the note B. Next, play your D string on the second fret for the note E. Notice that the E minor chord is built off of the triad E, G, and B. As long as you play these three notes together and the E is the lowest sounding note, you will have an E minor chord.

Next up is the G minor chord. This is one of the most popular minor chords in minor music, do in part for the same reasons that G Major is one of the most popular chords; it is powerful. The G minor chord is one of the largest sounding of all the minor chords. To play the G minor chord, start off by playing the third fret of your low E string, which will give you the note G. Play your D string as an open note. Finally, play your G string on the third fret to achieve the note B.

The G minor triad consists of the notes G, B, and D. You can play these notes together any place on the neck. So long as the G is the lowest sounding note, you are still playing the G minor chord. Our last chord is the C minor chord. You may recognize this chord is the C Major chord. They are almost the same exact chord. The only difference is one note. First, start off by playing the third fret on your A string to achieve the note C.

Next, play the first fret on your D string for the note Eb Eb and D are the same note, only played differently, known as enharmonic notes. The C minor triad consists of the notes C, Eb, and G. Once you get the hang of these basic minor chords on bass guitar, study them. You may notice that they are all made of the same intervals.

Use this information to build your own triads on the bass guitar. Keep in mind that in order to play a traditional chord, regardless of the inversion, the root note should always be the lowest sounding note in order to maintain the chord quality. Good luck, and have fun! Creating Bass Guitar Triads In this lesson, we will discuss how to create the most common bass guitar chords; triads.

Triads are the roots of every real chord in music. If a chord does not contain a root, a third, and a fifth, in all technicalities, it is not actually a chord. This includes the beloved power chord unfortunately. First off, since we know what a triad is, we need to discover how they are built. Basic major triads consist of a major third, followed by a minor third. A major third consist of four half steps, while a minor third consists of only three half steps.

A half step is, like it sounds, a half of a step between each note. A minor third is basically a reversed major third; it consists of a minor third, followed by an interval of a major third. Take for instance the key of C Major.

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Major And Minor Bass Guitar Scales Bass Books And Music. Bass Guitar Scales Chords Arpeggios Pdf Download Book Bass. Guitar Scales Pdf.

Bass Scales Complete Fretboard Diagram

Chords covering a single. I think it's a lot of fun to either record the chords or have someone play them while you play around with this scale. Having a good knowledge of bass scales is an useful skill for a bass guitarist. The A minor pentatonic comes from the natural minor scale. Just click the free Guitar Chords and Scales download button at the top left of the page.

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Bass Scales Chart

The bass scales chart below shows three common bass scales pentatonic minor, blues and major as patterns on a fretboard. They show the scales as played on a 4 string bass with standard tuning. Scroll down to download a printable pdf version of the chart, with no log-in or sign-up required. Strictly speaking, a pentatonic scale is any scale that is comprised of 5 notes. However, when most people talk about the pentatonic scale they are referring to either one of two scales: the pentatonic minor scale, or the pentatonic major scale. The pentatonic minor scale is extremely versatile, and can be used in a number of musical situations. The blues scale is simply a pentatonic minor scale that has been embellished with a single, additional note.

The idea is to use this ebook for 1 year, studying thoroughly a chord progression each week, in all keys and chord voicings. The result is a more dynamic, less linear expression of the arpeggio. Chord charts, scale charts, tabs and much more. Before you know it you will be picking out progressions from songs on the radio!

Click to expand. Patterns are OK up to a point but try to work things out for yourself, i. Be able to know why a Dmin7 chord is just that. The 'studybass' site linked earlier is well worth spending a half an hour on daily.

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Bass Guitar Scales Pdf

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