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Board Review in Preventive Medicine and Public Health prepares physicians for their initial and recertification board exams in the related specialties of preventive, occupational and aerospace medicine.

Book description: An extensive, in-depth look at public health and preventive medicine topics from experts in the field. This trusted one-stop resource is a completely up-to-date, all-in-one public health and preventive medicine guide. Sponsored by the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine and edited and written by well-respected authorities in the range of topics covered, Maxcy-Rosenau-Last Public Health and Preventive Medicine is also an outstanding guide to additional resources of information in preparing for the board exam in preventative medicine and public health. The new edition of Maxcy-Rosenau-Last Public Health and Preventive Medicine has been completely updated to encompass many new diseases, conditions, and policy issues that continue to dramatically shape-and expand the influence of-public health and preventive medicine. Important coverage of new diseases, conditions, and policy issues, including critical lessons learned from the SARS epidemic, the most recent perspectives on monkey pox, plus an increased emphasis on West Nile Virus.

Preventive Medicine and Public Health

How to cite this article: Singh A. It should be available to all and not just restricted to the armed forces. After going through the book I got a feeling that so far I had been seriously missing such a text. At last, my soul can rest in peace that we can also now boast of having a Preventive and Social Medicine PSM book, which, in future, may compete for international attention. An extract from Winslow's text has been well chosen as the beginning of the book.

The chapter on Epidemiology demonstrates a new way of looking at things. Quoting good real life examples is a welcome step. Statistics and software chapters are also good. The first "unnamed and unnumbered" chapter is the master stroke and is the best part of the book. Mature, original, and clear writing indeed! Very thought provoking! The seemingly unending list of core principles, 12 core activities, and 12 golden rules look refreshingly original.

This writeup reflects a deep understanding of the philosophy of our discipline. The basis for chapter organization has also been well explained. However, I wonder, why it was not given a label and a space in the Contents. Moreover, the rationale of the title of the book has also not been explained. Incidentally, this book shares its title with the classic textbook of Maxcy. Is preventive medicine different from public health or is it a part of public health or the other way round as the authors claim?

This issue needs to be settled. Although the foreword explains this a little bit, the transformation of "Field Service Hygiene Notes" to "Manual of Hygiene" and then to "Manual of Health" and now to this book needs more clarification. Names and terminology do matter. The chapter on Entomology is also good as is the one on Insect-Borne Diseases. Many practical tips are given.

Overall, the text of the book is methodical and systematic. Many new things are present, for example, field kit for testing poison in water, environmental health emergencies, desert medicine, and so on.

A balanced distribution of different subject areas is present. The chapter on Environmental Health Sciences is quite good, which also dwells on the clinical management as well as preventive measures for clinical conditions. Having spent my formative years in an army cantonment I had the privilege to experience its clean and green ambience. The daily one hour PT drill in an army school, the clean army mess, fresh air, vast lungar halls for jawans , ration stores built on a three-feet high, raised, cemented platform, rat proofing and fly proofing, which we are supposed to teach and demonstrate to our undergraduate and postgraduate students, were actually being practiced in the army.

But sadly, all these and many more health promotion activities including emphasis on physical fitness and cleanliness for which the army is famous, have not been given due importance in the book.

The army's strong point is health promotion and not epidemiology. After all, epidemiology is just a tool. The action is embedded in the concept of health promotion. The army provides the evidence of the benefit we can have if we focus on health promotion.

Personally, I often teach students that it is the army where preventive medicine including health promotion is truly practiced. Pre-placement examination, regular medical checkups, food hygiene, insect control, sanitation, and sports - all PSM concepts in the real sense - are implemented in the army. Hence, why ignore the same in the text book? I also wonder why the writers on pubic health have started ignoring history.

Some books on PSM, which have hit the market of late, have done just that. On the one hand, this book quotes from Winslow and on the other hand there is nothing in the text about our origin or roots. Neglect of history reflects a deep malady, a lack of conviction about our discipline's worth. Of all the disciplines, public health is the one that should give more emphasis to the context.

History puts things in a proper context. History provides us a depth of understanding. History will tell us how and why different terminologies related to public health have emerged. The book does not elucidate the concept of levels of prevention. The good old Leavell and Clark's beautiful dealing of public health concepts through the "levels of prevention" approach has been ignored.

It was quite surprising and puzzling to note that a book on public health and preventive medicine has "Epidemiology" as the first chapter. Apparently, the authors have been swayed by the market forces! Social sciences have not been adequately explained. By using the word "lifestyle" in the title of the chapter, the authors seem to have fallen prey to the "victim blaming" paradigm and have practically put the blame of non-communicable diseases NCDs on individuals.

They seem to have ignored the fact that genetic, structural, and policy level factors are also important in the etiology and management of NCDs. Titles of some diagrams and tables are missing! Toxic shock syndrome has not been mentioned in the measles vaccine text!

Plague: The outbreak in Uttaranchal has not been covered. The difference in surveillance and monitoring has not been explained properly.

In many places, the type of language used by the authors interferes with the comprehension of the text. The price of the book is not mentioned. The book is certainly bulky with pages and chapters. All said and done, this is an excellent book on public health. It should serve as a challenge as well as a standard against which future authors in our fraternity should sharpen their writing skills.

Singh AJ. What is there in name? Indian J Community Med; Ahead of print articles. Indian J Community Med ; Search Pubmed for Singh A. Search in Google Scholar for Singh A.

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How to cite this article: Singh A. It should be available to all and not just restricted to the armed forces. After going through the book I got a feeling that so far I had been seriously missing such a text. At last, my soul can rest in peace that we can also now boast of having a Preventive and Social Medicine PSM book, which, in future, may compete for international attention. An extract from Winslow's text has been well chosen as the beginning of the book. The chapter on Epidemiology demonstrates a new way of looking at things. Quoting good real life examples is a welcome step.

The mission of the Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health JPMPH is to promote research, policy, education, and practice in the field of preventive medicine and public health by publishing papers of high scientific quality. Contributions of original articles, reviews, special articles, brief reports, case reports, perspectives and critical commentaries, letters, methods in the fields of research, and public health debates are welcome. Authorship credit should be based on: 1 substantial contributions to conception and design, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data; 2 drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content; 3 final approval of the version to be published; and 4 agreeing to be accountable for all aspects of the work in ensuring that the questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are appropriately investigated and resolved. Authors should meet these 4 conditions. All those designated as authors should meet all four criteria for authorship, and all who meet the four criteria should be identified as authors. Those who do not meet all four criteria should be acknowledged as contributors not be authors. Changes in authorship cannot be made after the manuscript is accepted for publication.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine is the medical specialty primarily concerned with the health of populations. The discipline's focus is disease and injury.

Public Health and General Preventive Medicine Residency

The concept of health takes into account physical, psychological , and social well-being. As such, according to the World Health Organization , it is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity and more recently, a resource for everyday living. Public health is an interdisciplinary field. For example, epidemiology , biostatistics , social sciences and management of health services are all relevant. Other important sub-fields include environmental health , community health , behavioral health , health economics , public policy , mental health , health education , health politics , occupational safety , disability , gender issues in health, and sexual and reproductive health.

Our goal is to prepare well trained preventive medicine physicians with the skills and knowledge needed to practice preventive medicine at the individual and population levels. Our program is both innovative and comprehensive focusing on clinic-based preventive medicine including lifestyle counseling, public health practice, and population-based medicine. In addition, through the Master of Science in Clinical Investigation degree, residents will gain the skills needed to perform translational research. UMMC is the only academic health center in Mississippi. In addition, there are opportunities for electives throughout Mississippi that will meet your professional needs.

The two foundation stones of public health have not changed. The philosophical base continues to be social justice in the application of scientific knowledge. The science base for defining problems, developing interventions, and measuring results is still epidemiology. However, as preventive medicine and public health make contributions in areas that were beyond our comprehension a professional lifetime ago, it is now not only accepted, but expected, that state and local health departments will respond to problems such as lead exposure, occupational hazards, tobacco, dietary fat, suicide clusters, violence, birth defects, and alcohol and other drug abuse. While the logic is inescapable, public health was slow to accept and even seek out the expertise of the social and behavioral sciences.

More information. The discipline of preventive medicine focuses on disease prevention and health promotion by identifying and reducing risk factors for the development or transmission of disease.

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Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health

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