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The bill of exchange and promissory note are negotiable instruments used for carrying out various economic activities. However, they vary from each other in many ways.

Bills of Exchange vs. Promissory Notes: What's the Difference?

The Convention presents, for optional use in international transactions, a modern, comprehensive set of rules for international bills of exchange and international promissory notes. The text of the Convention reflects a deliberate policy to minimize departures from the content of common and civil law systems, preserving, where possible, the rules on which those systems concur. Where conflicts exist, requiring selection of one system's rule or a compromise solution, the Convention introduces a number of novel provisions. Another group of new rules are the result of special efforts to have the Convention respond to modern commercial needs and banking and financial market practices. According to the Convention, a bill of exchange is a written instrument which: a contains an unconditional order whereby the drawer directs the drawee to pay a definite sum of money to the payee or to its order; b is payable on demand or at a definite time; c is dated; and d is signed by the drawer. A promissory note is a written instrument which: a contains an unconditional promise whereby the maker undertakes to pay a definite sum of money to the payee or to its order; b is payable on demand or at a definite time; c is dated; d is signed by the maker.

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United Nations Convention on International Bills of Exchange and International Promissory Notes

A bill of exchange is a paper instrument that is used to transfer money from one person to another instead of the transfer of the actual money itself. Bills of exchange generally, and promissory notes specifically, are governed by the Bills of Exchange Act BEA For information on the form that bills of exchange and promissory notes are required to take under BEA and otherwise, see Practice Note: Form of promissory notes and bills of exchange. Bills of exchange are negotiable instruments that represent an unconditional promise by one party to pay another party, in accordance with the terms of that instrument. They are often used in the context of trade finance where, for one reason or another, a party does not want to make immediate settlement of its account. The BEA sets out in detail the requirements for the form of a bill of exchange and accordingly should be consulted prior to any detailed consideration of a bill of exchange.

Bill of exchange must be carrying certain amount and only in terms of money, and not in terms of goods or services. In case of same parties, will be reduced to two instead of three. Drawee agrees with the full content of the bill without any change and it may be conditional, which is called as qualified acceptance. Due date of foreign bill starts from the date on which Drawee sees it and accepts it. Since date of payment is fixed, it is helpful for both debtors and creditors; and, they may manage their payment schedule accordingly. Being a negotiable instrument, promissory note is easily transferable from one person to another.

Current Legal Issues Affecting Central Banks, Volume I

In , at its first session, the United National Commission on International Trade Law UNCITRAL decided to make one of its priority projects the harmonization and unification of the law of international payments and, in particular, the law of negotiable instruments. A whole new system for payments—electronic funds transfers, or EFTs—was created, and that EFT system is not within the proposed Convention. Further, the principal paper-based payments mechanism, the check, was deliberately excluded from this Convention, 2 even though the Convention does cover other types of bills of exchange and drafts.

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58/ on bills of exchange and promissory notes. The bill of exchange is an instrument by which a person, named drawer or issuer, assign another person, called drawee, to pay on the due term an amount of money to a third person, called beneficiary or to its order.

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PDF | This paper presents the legal system for the bills of exchange and promissory notes, and also the similarities and differences between the bills | Find.

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