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Law of Success

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Imagine landing on just one solution that catapults you to a life you always wished you'd have, one that's abundantly rich and rewarding in every facet. That solution exists. In fact, it exists today, this very moment - in your own mind! Every person walking this planet carries this key, but few know how to plumb their mind's depths to excavate a more rewarding life for themselves. It doesn't matter how you grew up, or what you've struggled with in life - your mind is unscathed by any circumstance you've yet lived

Earl Nightingale Reads Think and Grow Rich (Hörbuch

But because this is a book about ego, I will deal with a question which I would be a hypocrite to not have considered. When I was two years old, feeling some astonishing and life-changing chances, I fell out of school. Seen as moving places, I was the child. Success came fast. Once I became the youngest executive in a Beverly Hills talent management bureau, I aided sign and operate with quite a few enormous rock bands. I counseled on novels that went on to sell millions of copies and then invent their particular literary genres.

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He is known best for his book Think and Grow Rich which is among the 10 best selling self-help books of all time. Hill is, in modern times, a controversial figure. Accused of fraud, modern historians also doubt many of his claims, such as that he met Andrew Carnegie and that he was an attorney. Gizmodo has called him "the most famous conman you've probably never heard of".

Napoleon Hill is believed to be the most influential author in terms of self-help and attainment of success. Some literary experts even tag him as the founder of the self-help genre. Majority of his works were focused on the theme of achieving success as an individual through universally-proven techniques. At the early age of 10, his mother had succumbed to sickness and his father had a difficult time coping.

60 of the Best Napoleon Hill Quotes from Think and Grow Rich

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