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Construction And Working Of Digital Multimeter Pdf

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Electrical A2Z. A basic multimeter can measure the three basic electric values i.

Digital Multimeter Working Principle

It is a type of multimeter which functions digitally. The Digital multimeter is the most advanced measuring instrument that makes use of modern Integrated circuits for making electrical measurements. Some of its features which make it famous in the eyes of professional technicians are:. The Key process that occurs within a Digital multimeter for any measurement that takes place is that of voltage measurement. If you measure voltage then you can easily measure other electrical parameters with the help of mathematical formulas. To understand how digital multimeter works, first of all, we have to understand this process.

A multimeter or a multitester , also known as a VOM volt-ohm-milliammeter , is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. A typical multimeter can measure voltage , current , and resistance. Analog multimeters use a microammeter with a moving pointer to display readings. Digital multimeters have rendered analog multimeters obsolescent, because they are now lower cost, higher precision, and more physically robust. A multimeter can be a hand-held device useful for basic fault finding and field service work, or a bench instrument which can measure to a very high degree of accuracy.

What is a DMM, Digital Multimeter?

Electrical Academia. Multimeter A multimeter, shown in Figure 1, is a device used to measure two or more electrical quantities. A multimeter can be used to measure electrical functions such as voltage, current, resistance, continuity and some are able to measure electrical frequency. There are two main types of multimeters. One of the first and oldest multimeters is the analog meter , Figure 2 and the other, now more widely used meter is the digital multimeter Figure 1. Analog meters are a multifunctional multimeter that operates based on electrical mechanical movement.

Analog & Digital Multimeter

In this way the best use can be made of it - understanding how the DMM works, enables the best settings to be selected, etc. In view of the digital technology used rather than analogue dials, the DMM works in a very different way to the older analogue multimeters. The DMM uses analogue to digital converter technology and also they are able to provide many more measurement capabilities because adding extra measurements into the basic IC does not add significantly to the cost. The basic measurements made by any multimeter are amps, volts and ohms resistance and many digital multimeters provide a host of other measurements including capacitance, transistor hfe, continuity buzzer, temperature, etc dependent upon the particular test instrument. When looking at how a digital multimeter works, it is necessary to understand the core technologies that are generally used.

A multimeter is the most commonly used instrument by technicians and engineers in the laboratory, as well as other repair works. As it is clear from the name of this instrument, it can make many multi measurements with reasonable accuracies such as AC and DC voltages, currents, and resistances. In this article, I am discussing the construction and working principle of multimeter. Since it is a milliammeter, voltmeter and ohmmeter combined, so it is also called AVO meter. It has various ranges of voltage, resistance, and current.


Digital Multimeter working principle

Most of the engineers, as well as technicians in the electronics field, know the measurement device namely a multimeter. Multimeters are available in different forms in the market based on the characteristics. A multimeter is an essential measurement instrument, used in any engineering workshop or any lab. The main function of this device is to measure the electrical properties of tools as well as wiring in industries. The different electrical parameters in the multimeter can be selected using a dial or a rotary switch on the front side of the instrument.

Electrical A2Z. To test and troubleshoot circuits, it is necessary to understand how to use basic electronic measuring instruments. The digital multimeter DMM is the most widely used electronic measuring instrument. Also, the clamp-type ammeter is useful for measuring current, especially in power applications.

Definition: The Electronic Multimeter is a device which is used for the measurement of various electrical and electronic quantities such as current, voltage, resistance etc. The multimeter name is given to it to define its ability to measure multiple quantities. It is provided with inbuilt power supply necessary for the functioning of the device. Any component such as a resistor, battery can be connected to its outer probes for the measurement of the electronic quantity. In order to understand how a single meter can measure multiple electrical quantities, we need to look into its constructional feature and the components which make it a multimeter. The multimeter basically consists of a bridge DC amplifier, rectifier, PMMC meter, function switch, internal battery and an attenuator. The function of the attenuator is that it helps to select a particular range of voltage values.

The cost of digital multimeters varies considerably. Some of these test instruments can be bought very cheaply and provide very good service and they are surprisingly accurate - far more accurate than is needed for most measurements, but top range multimeters are also available with very high specifications for use in the most demanding applications. Originally analogue multimeters were used, but these are only rarely used these days as digital technology has made digital multimeters cheaper, far more accurate and capable of providing many more capabilities beyond just measuring current, voltage and resistance. Digital multimeters or DMMs can measure a variety of different parameters within an electrical circuit.

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