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Fast redeployment, by unplug and plug, of an existing database to a new platform. Triggers, tables, procedures, views, keys etc are typical examples. When a table or view is dropped, any views in the same database are also dropped.

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A large number of disks in a system improves the rate at which data can be read or written :. If the mean time to failure of a single disk is , hours, then the mean time to failure of some disk in an array of disks will be :. The mean time to failure of a mirrored disk depends on : I the mean time to failure of individual disks II the mean time to repair. They are explained in elaborated manner to get clear subject knowledge. These tests will assess the individual's computational capabilities which are useful in the day to day work in Banks, Insurance Companies, LIC AAO and other government offices. The Answers are explained in elaborated manner to get clear subject knowledge. You can see the explanation for the questions of sensation and a good user interface.

RAID - Operating System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Post a comment. It is the Stripped Disk Array with no fault tolerance and it requires at least 2 drives. To be implemented. Due to no redundancy feature, RAID 0 is considered to be the. Lowest ranked RAID level.

A RAID system consists of two or more drives working in parallel. There are different RAID levels, each optimized for a specific situation. These are not standardized by an industry group or standardization committee. This explains why companies sometimes come up with their own unique numbers and implementations. This article covers the following RAID levels:. The software to perform the RAID-functionality and control the drives can either be located on a separate controller card a hardware RAID controller or it can simply be a driver.

We have 0 through 5 RAID levels that offers different levels of performance and fault tolerance. What is RAID controller technology? RAID controller is used when one drive fails and the other is still running well. The controller will automatically rebuild the data from the other devices and restores the same to the crashed system. Hence the RAID controller technology, depending on the importance of the data, is used to restore the data automatically from the other systems. Explain its level? RAID is a mechanism of storing the same data in different locations.

Interview Questions on RAID. Question 1: what is the difference raid 1 and raid 5​? Answer: On most situations you will be using one of the following four levels of​.

Introduction to RAID, Concepts of RAID and RAID Levels – Part 1

There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research EMC has a progressive market share. Enroll EMC Training! IOPS is important for transaction-based applications. IOPS performance is heavily dependent on the number and type of disk drives.

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RAID Interview Questions & Answers

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Question 1. What Is Raid? Answer: Redundant Array of Independent Drives (or Disks), also known as Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives .

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Earlier it is used to be very costly to buy even a smaller size of disk, but nowadays we can buy a large size of disk with the same amount like before.

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What is the most critical component in SAN?

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