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Patternmaking And Grading Using Gerbers Accumark Pattern Design Software Pdf

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Patternmaking and Grading Using Gerber's AccuMark Pattern Design Software Lessons, exercises, and quizzes focus not only on teaching the software, but also on preparing students to be successful industry professionals. Chapters cover all aspects of patternmaking, including.

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The table is adjustable by height and angle. There is a 2 to 3. The clear vinyl surface is for use with push pins. Placement of the menu area is changeable depending on cursor location. AccuMark Find - Displays the Find application, which lets you search for specific data items.

Marker Making - Displays the marker making application, which is used to make markers. System Management - Displays the System Management application, which is used to set up parameter tables; editors; order and process markers; generate reports; and manage data. Utilities - Displays the utility application. Hardware Configuration - Lets you set up peripherals digitizer, table, plotter. Configuration noted - Displays Help regarding configurations. Then, OK. When finished importing, the system prompts: "Process Completed.

Pattern Design If you do not do this, you will very likely lose your work!!! Select your name folder. Find the basic pieces that you imported. Then, click OK. Drag to the screen. Select pieces to see points. Select pieces. Select a point with LM button. N Non-Smoothing : This creates a straight line at a point. S Smoothing : This creates a curved line at a point.

F Facing : Two facing points are required on the piece in order to define the facing line orientation line of the piece. E Entry : This assigns a cut entry attribute to a point to tell the cutter exactly where to start cutting. Z Stacking point : This makes a point all sizes in a graded nest.

Tool Bar: Tool bar buttons provide a quick way to access commands without going through the menus. Info Bar: The Info bar provides information about the current piece information, settings and pieces in the work area, such as name, size, perimeter type, and measurement type.

Icon Menu: The Icon menu displays all pieces of every model or style currently open in the current work area. User Input Box: User input box shows interactive communication giving you instruction as you select a command while you are working on pieces. You can type any value or choose cursor mode in the user input box.

Prompt Bar: The Prompt bar can be used. This horizontal bar can be positioned above or below the work area. Note: The User Input Box performs the same function. Status Bar: The status bar shows window status of your command i.

Rulers: Rulers assist in locating and positioning piece geometry in the work area. Displaying the rulers helps you keep the sizes of the pieces in perspective while working on them. The unit of measurement depends upon the user environment defined in the AccuMark user environment. Normal mode Selected line, point, pieces, or thumbtack can be moved.

Object closest to the cursor is selected. A command is active. Perimeter line 2. Orientation symbol 5. Drill hole internal line 6. Graded end of line 7. Notch point 8. Curve point Non-smoothing point 9. Mark point End of line point Grade point Smoothing points. Manipulating garment components Garment components can be designed and manipulated using the computer in a number of ways. Scratch: A component Bodice, Sleeve, Skirt, pant, etc. Draft: A component can be drafted from scratch into the computer using the Silhouette table and the stylus pen.

Draw: A component can be drawn from an existing pattern into the computer using the Silhouette table and the stylus pen. Digitize: A component can be digitized into the computer using the Digitizing table, the stylus pen, and an existing pattern. You will learn to use the following menu functions by creating T-shirts and Sleeve. Go to Paths and select your storage area. Then, click work area.

Height is to equal of the total circumference measurement. Type X and Y Values. Enter piece name. This includes all the pieces of material group needed to complete the garment. A Model for AccuMark data consists of all the pieces of a garment that are cut out of the same fabric. Example: a one-piece dress with two different fabrics such as the outside fabric and an inner lining. You can have two separate model for each type of fabric used. Select N point No smoothing point.

Click Right mouse RM button to see Look up menu. Choose Dist From Point. Select origin point on the bottom segment center back. Enter distance from the selected point into Value input: 1 inch: Back neck depth. Click RM button to see Look up menu. Select origin point on the right side of the segment shoulder.

Enter distance from the selected point into Value input: Select origin point on the right side of the segment side seam. Enter distance from the selected point into Value input: inch: Armhole depth. If your desire distance from origin point is opposite direction of the clockwise, then the value will be minus -. Midpoint: To add a point halfway a line. Intersection- To add appoint where two lines intersect. Select Cursor mode. Select neck point and drag in the center point between neck depth and neck width neckline creation to create a 90 angle.

Select Horizontal. Position Thumbtacks to define range. Then, select reference point. Select point to align Vertical. Select Value mode. Select the shoulder line. Select the end shoulder point to change. In Value mode, enter the value in the dialog box: Dist. Shoulder length should be 5. Select the shoulder end point. Enter X value: -1 inch. Select the armhole segment. When you see popup menu, select None. Value input: 2.

Click and hold the points on the armhole segment, drag to desired armhole shape. Select the neckline and drag the line to make curve shape. When finished, click Cancel. Not Ok button.

Ch 1 PDS and AccuMark _Gerber Pattern Design 2000_1

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Create patterns, collaborate with the other designers from your team, check the designs for errors and save your content as a PDF document. Make your patterns, use tools rotation or symmetry to automate the pattern grading process and make the final touches shirring or making pleats. Use both simple tools as well as advanced geometric procedures to create your own designs, simulate folds Showing results for "gerber pattern design" as the word software is considered too common.

Delivery: Can be download immediately after purchasing. No missing contents.

Patternmaking and Grading Using Gerber’s AccuMark Pattern Design Software eBook

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Patternmaking and Grading Using Gerber's AccuMark Pattern Design Software by Michele Lininger An industry-focused PDF Book ~ Instant Digital Download - 45 Sewing Dress Patterns from sDownload direct to your iPad, tablet or.

AccuMark Pattern Design, Marker Making/Nesting System

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Gerber System Pattern Design

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The table is adjustable by height and angle.