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Cultural attraction in a country or region is an attraction that is demanded by international tourist, because tourists obviously want to know the culture of that country, such as by watch the dance.

Tourism motivation is a prerequisite in understanding tourist behavior. Push and pull factors have provided a simple framework for comprehending tourism motivation in various contexts. Nevertheless, many of the propositions related to the push—pull framework have rarely been empirically examined.

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Film has been regarded as one of the powerful indirect marketing strategies to promote tourism. Past studies indicate that film can create awareness and enhance appeals for film locations. To date, there is limited attention on testing whether film can be the driving forces to visit film locations. This study compares viewers and non-viewers of Korean film to examine whether and how film can be the push factors of visiting Korean film locations. The study focuses on Thai tourists as a sample. The results show that Korean film can be the push factors for viewers to visit Korean film locations. There are the differences in push factor items between viewers and non-viewers of Korean film.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Tourism and Transport. Published online Nov Bruce Prideaux. Guest Editor s : Stephen J. Page University of Stirling, U.

This descriptive study tries to analyze the most dominant push and pull factor for Surabaya citizen in choosing China as family recreation destination. The samples are years old Surabaya citizens who have already gone or will surely be going to China for their family vacation. The instrument used was questionnaires and the data processed using factor analysis method. Based on the result of factor analysis, it is found that the most dominant push factors Prestige, so they can share what they have seen, and experienced in China to other friends or relatives in order to increase social status. While the most dominant pull factors is Exotic and Adaptable Atmosphere, seeking for different atmosphere but still adaptable for entire family. Awaritefe, O. Destination image differences between prospective and actual tourists in Nigeria.

Anomie, ego-enhancement and tourism

Measuring tourist motivation has always been a challenging task for tourism researchers. This paper aimed to increase the understanding of tourist motivation measurement by comparing two frequently adopted motivation measurement approaches: self-perception SP and importance-rating IR approaches. Results indicated that both SP and IR scales were highly reliable in terms of internal consistency. However, respondents tended to rate more positively in the SP scale than in the IR scale. Factor analyses extracted similar underlying structures from the two measurements, with each factor explaining almost the same amount of variances across the two scales. The study suggested that both scales could be regarded as appropriate instruments for measuring tourist motivation, because they seemed to measure the same underlying construct with high reliability.

The purpose of this study is to examine the association between international tourists' demographics with travel motives to Uzbekistan through the utilization of push and pull theory. This study utilized a convenience sampling technique to collect data from international tourists visiting Uzbekistan. The results illustrated that nationality and frequency of visitations of the international tourists to Uzbekistan were statistically associated with their travel motives. In terms of gender, age, marital status and religion, no significant association with travel motives was established. The statistical test and instrument for data collection might limit the generalization of this study to represent the whole population of international tourists in Uzbekistan. The findings of this study show that in order to develop tourism in Uzbekistan, businesses and practitioners should consider segmenting tourists based on their national background to serve their needs and preferences. As tourist's visitation frequency plays a role in their travel motives, the product and service quality of tour packages must be improved and monitored.

The journal content is indexed in CrossCheck , the CrossRef initiative to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism. Tourist ascents of mountain peaks before sunrise are increasingly popular. The main objective of our research, based on the case study of Babia Gora, was to answer a more general question whether the sunrise can be considered a tourist attraction. This confirms the hypothesis that sunrise constitutes a tourist attraction. Brassley, P. In: Landscape Research, Vol.

Abstract and Figures · 1. Dann, G. M. S. () Anomie, Ego-Enhancement, and Tourism. Annals of · 2. MacCannell, D. () The ego factor in.

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Bangladesh has a massive potential to flourish its tourism sector. As it have spectacular resources to present. Data have gathered from the tourists who visited from outside of Sylhet and also from greater Sylhet Division by structured questionnaires. The study demonstrates that highest importance level gained by the availability of public toilet in the tourist spot mean value 4. Gradual importance is attained from the elements- easily reached and cleanliness of the destination, pleasant and safe accommodation, personal security, prices of different products, availability of hygiene food and beverages, availability of recreation facilities, reasonable rent of accommodation, and shopping facility After examining the post visit opinion found some elements are treated the negative e.

Alienation in a person that can progress into a dysfunctional inability to integrate within normative situations of their social world like to find a job, find success in relationships, etc. However, Durkheim first introduced the concept of anomie in his work The Division of Labour in Society. Durkheim never used the term normlessness ; [5] rather, he described anomie as "derangement," and "an insatiable will. For Durkheim, anomie arises more generally from a mismatch between personal or group standards and wider social standards; or from the lack of a social ethic , which produces moral deregulation and an absence of legitimate aspirations.

There are numerous pull forces that determine destination choice. In the contemporary turbulent conditions, safety and security risks have a growing role. This is particularly evident in the Mediterranean region, bearing in mind that the political crisis in the Arab world has reflected in this region as the largest receptive market. Therefore, the study has been conducted to determine which factors are the most important in the process of choosing a destination and whether the recent crises have affected travel habits. In addition to the descriptive statistics, the data obtained by the Likert scale were analyzed by independent samples t -test in SPSS.

Anomie, ego-enhancement and tourism

Inbound international tourists' demographics and travel motives: views from Uzbekistan

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Measuring Tourism motivation: Do Scales matter?

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A theoretical case is suggested for concentration on “push” factors, and, in particular, those stemming from “anomie” and “ego-enhancement” in the tourist.

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The conceptual framework was based on Push-Pull model to explore tourists travelling behaviors.

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Dann, Graham M.S., "Anomie, Ego-Enhancement and Tourism,". Annals of Tourism Re~arch, Vol. IV, No. 4, March/April, , pp. The present paper.

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