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Book - Electrical and Electronic Systems by Neil Storey

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. I have "Electronic Principles" 8th edition from Albert Malvino and David Bates, but maybe there are better books which are easier to read and don't go too deep in theory with too much calculus. The Malvino and Bates book is good, but maybe there is something better. Quote from: robsims on August 06, , am. The following users thanked this post: autotel.

And Malvino's book starts from the basics which is good. I just want to know how components work, how they are used in a circuit power ratings etc. I don't want too much information too. Shock Super Contributor Posts: Country:.

These two top one being the newer are both easy on the math. Introduction to Electronics - Earl Gates. This is a popular book here on the forums. The following users thanked this post: Mr. Scram , robsims. Art of Electronics and Practical Electronics for Inventors won't be seen in universities and colleges as a rule unless it's ancillary work ie you're a physicist and want to get some shit done.

The latter of the two is utterly junk though. I wouldn't buy it. I actually worked with one of the authors for a while and it's entirely not his real domain of expertise! I'm not sure what the gold standard is now but at university you'll learn a lot of theory in a lot of pages and waltz out unable to throw anything together whatsoever other than an impressive ability to do laplace transforms and burn your fingers trying to put together an AND gate and two LEDs.

Then when you get a job you'll find that most of it is cookbook glue and sticky tape. I go for the cookbook glue and sticky tape first now. My favourite analogue books are these which are relatively deep: 1. The following users thanked this post: Shock , MagicSmoker , Mr. Scram , bmdaly , robsims. I need something that is comprehensive. I've gone through a lot of theory already, like resistance, capacitance, theory of Alternating Current, AC circuits with resistors, capacitors, inductors and filters.

See my first book recommendation. That covers it nicely. The following users thanked this post: robsims.

Ok, i don't have the need now how to build IC's. That's a step further. I just want to know how to use different transistors, diodes etc, correctly The art of electronics is just horrible. Not comprehensive at all on the subjects. Looks like they tried to pack a lot in a few pages. Did you learn anything 'practical' in ME school? I suspect that the real education came after graduation. What you are looking for is information on applications and that simply isn't taught in school, or at least I never got any.

Oh, you get the math and all the equations but when it gets down to it, the real engineering educations starts after graduation. Try to Google for something like 'transistor bias circuits app note' and there are a lot of options.

Yes, you're right, about learning anything practical in school. I think i'm going to stick with Malvino and Bates "Electronic Principle". Not the best book, but comprehensive enough. Thought there were way better books than that. Quote from: robsims on August 06, , pm. Yes, "Electronic devices" of Floyd 9th edition at first sight seems good too. Not too much math and practical. That's what i like. Not that i have a problem with math, i mean i'm a math and physics man, but i like the practical side of things too.

Thanks aneevuser. I speak dutch and i have a friend who has some dutch books, so i will also look into those books too. The latter was used in more advanced classes. Both are still in print, many editions advanced now. Looking at them makes me feel old. SuzyC Frequent Contributor Posts: Maharbi Free download.

Yet still some valuable information about ohm's law, capacitors, inductors, op-amps, etc. I think i will stick with Malvino and Bates Electronic Principles. Started reading their book. It has good guidelines and examples. No calculus, only simple practical equations and guidelines to get the job done. Another good book i think is "Electronic devices and circuit theory" 11th-edition from Robert Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky.

The following users thanked this post: Shock. Once or twice a year, many "Unis" have sales of "out of date" books which are still full of useful information. This book, along with the similar RSGB Manual, contain a lot of fundamentals, as well as quite advanced materials. The following users thanked this post: Shock , robsims. Disagree with ARRL handbook. Awful book. Someone really needs to rewrite all the tutorial stuff again. All the units are in groats per dyne still.

RSGB one is useless. Quote from: aneevuser on August 06, , pm. Quote from: bd on August 11, , am. I don;t know about past AARL books, but the most recent seems to be good. It's in six volumes Some YT channel did a review on it, and appears really good. When I looked it was sold out, and could not even find on eBay or Amazon.

I Like the Malvino Book. I have the 6th edition and to compare the changes I checked the library for 7th and 8th editions. Interestingly, each edition has the same questions. The 7th is without color-didn't like that.. Art of Electronics , Floyd book and Electronics for Inventors have already been mentioned.

All good for what they present. He has a tile on circuit theory, but I guess theory you already know.. Owen Bishop has two titles. It is well laid out and the one textbook i worked all the way through it. There was a critical Amazon review that complained little or nothing about IC's, but, IC's are made up of Passives, semi's and transistors.. In my mind, having a solid foundation first makes more sense.

Now I can look at the datasheets and understand what they are doing in designing the chip. The thread next door Electronics primers, course material and books has been running since There are an awful lot of titles both books and free online titles. Maybe one day someone might want to go through all those titles and write detailed summaries for all those titles.

Maybe include suggested level and specific direction a reader would be interested in. But that would be quite a project, and there are sites, like All About Circuits that have tried to do this EDIT: Oops, sorry, just went thru that thread.

It appears to basics and tutorials Where was that thread that listed mostly book titles??? I want to do a shootout review of various textbooks, but they have to be similar in content and scope.

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Motor Vehicle Mechanic's Textbook. Picture of the book : 3…. Electrical Installation Work. Pro Arduino. Automotive Electrical Handbook. Picture of the book: Automotive Ele….

These slides are designed for use on courses based on the text. Electrical and Electronic. Systems by Neil Storey and published by. Prentice Hall.

Download Electronics A Systems Approach pdf.

An overview of , Architecture of , Microprocessor, Special functions of general purpose registers, flag register and function of flags. Addressing modes of , Instruction set of , Assembler directives simple programs, Procedures, and Macros. Assembly language programs involving logical, Branch and Call instructions, Sorting, Evaluation of arithmetic expressions, String manipulation. The fourth edition of Electronics: A Systems Approach is an outstanding introduction to this fast-moving, important field. Fully updated, it covers the latest changes and developments in the world of electronics.

Over the years I have written a number of textbooks in the areas of electronics and safety. My first book, Electronics: A Systems Approach , is now in its sixth edition. It has also been released as special editions in India and in Indonesia, and has been translated into Spanish and Italian. These books are used as set books for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at universities throughout the world.

Preface 1. Engineering systems 2. Basic electric circuits and components 3. Sensors 4. Actuators 5.

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Electrical & Electronic Systems

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Rajput Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering By R.K. carlislefamilyconnection.org

Electronics: A Systems Approach, 6th Edition

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Visit the Electronics, fourth edition Companion Website Electronics: a systems approach / Neil Storey. 1 Basic Electrical Circuits and Components. 3.

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