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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Acquisitions Pdf

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A strategic acquisition can be one of the most important means of growth for your business.

17 Acquisition Strategy Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many good reasons for growing your business through an acquisition or merger. These include:. Obtaining quality staff or additional skills, knowledge of your industry or sector and other business intelligence. For instance, a business with good management and process systems will be useful to a buyer who wants to improve their own. Ideally, the business you choose should have systems that complement your own and that will adapt to running a larger business. Accessing funds or valuable assets for new development.

One way to grow your business is to buy other businesses. The idea is to increase your revenues by acquiring a functioning company that will contribute to your income. However, acquisitions can present some difficulties and actually put you at a disadvantage. Consider the pitfalls before you pursue an acquisition. Even a company has a personality, a culture that permeates the entire organization.

This provides a means of expansion or it can remove an obstacle to even greater financial success. Before you make that decision, however, you need to understand the pros and cons of acquiring another company that sells similar products or services that you do. First, an acquisition is the act of buying another business, whereas a merger is a process by which two companies become one company, though the ownership interests may differ. In contrast, mergers often involve a chain of command that gives the leadership of the other company some form of authority or control over how decisions are made. One main advantage of buying another business that sells similar product or services is that you can create economies of scale , which refers to the process of increasing production by lowering production costs. When you take on the second business, you can implement the same marketing and sales strategies for the new company, which lowers costs and helps to boost productivity.

Acquisition Pros and Cons

These include:. However, a merger or acquisition can also create its own problems. See what can go wrong with a merger or acquisition? Breadcrumb Home Guides Buy or sell a business Business acquisitions and mergers Benefits of mergers and acquisitions. Mergers and acquisitions Benefits of mergers and acquisitions. These include: Obtaining quality staff or additional skills, knowledge of your industry or sector and other business intelligence. For instance, a business with good management and process systems will be useful to a buyer who wants to improve their own.

The advantages and disadvantages of an acquisition strategy suggest that it can be a way to grow markets, improve revenues, and increase consumer confidence. If done incorrectly, it may reduce market growth, decrease revenues, and cause consumers to look for alternative products.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of the Acquisition of Another Company in the Same Industry

When a company wants to expand, one way it could choose to facilitate its plan is by acquiring another similar business. While an acquisition can lead to some rapid growth for the company, it can also introduce some difficult issues along the way. Before pursuing the acquisition of another company, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages the business deal will present. One of the benefits of an acquisition is your company can quickly gain the experience, goodwill and assets of the other business.

So what is the impact of all these mergers? A financial merger or acquisition is pursued, as the name implies, for financial reasons—often to pick up some quick cash or as an investment. Strategic mergers and acquisitions offer a solution to a different business problem. Perhaps the acquirer is looking to grab a new product line, add some additional facilities, enter a new market, or gain expertise and intellectual property. The bottom line is a strategic merger yields value for both the acquired and the acquiring firm.

17 Acquisition Strategy Advantages and Disadvantages

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The Advantages & Disadvantages of the Acquisition of Another Company in the Same Industry

An acquisition strategy is a comprehensive plan which outlines an approach that leaders will follow to manage risks and meet objectives within a program. The strategy is designed to guide how a program is executed over its entire lifespan. It should be updated every time the program meets a major milestone or requires a review. There are 6 primary elements to an acquisition strategy. They involve business strategies, contracting strategies, identifying major contracts, the use of incentives, data management, and long-term sustainment.

A merger involves two firms combining to form one larger company; it can occur due to a takeover or mutual agreement. When looking at mergers it is important to look at the subject on a case by case basis as each merger has different possible benefits and costs — depending on the industry and firms in question. Network Economies. In some industries, firms need to provide a national network. This means there are very significant economies of scale. A national network may imply the most efficient number of firms in the industry is one. For example, when T-Mobile merged with Orange in the UK, they justified the merger on the grounds that:.

Benefits of a Merger or Acquisition

Culture Clashes

Key performance indicators let you evaluate how well your business is meeting its targets. For KPIs to be effective, they must have characteristics that define business performance and clearly communicate the resulting information to you. Based on KPI changes, you have to be able to determine where the problems lie and what action is required to fix them. A KPI must measure a variable of interest for determining how well the company is progressing toward an objective. Relevance means that a change in the KPI is meaningful in guiding you to take corrective action or continuing on the existing path without intervening. Effective KPIs consist of a number that measures one characteristic.

Advantages & Disadvantages of an Acquisition

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The Pros and Cons of Mergers and Acquisitions as Part of Your Growth Strategy

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An acquisition is defined as a corporate transaction where one company the advantages and disadvantages that will be presented by the business deal.