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Perhaps an image comes to mind of a nuclear bomb, or a nuclear energy crisis like Chernobyl or Fukushima. If this is your image of nuclear power, you might be surprised to learn that nuclear energy is actually considered one of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy production in the world. With fewer emissions and greater efficiency, there are many pros and cons of nuclear energy to consider.

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Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy to generate heat, which most frequently is then used in steam turbines to produce electricity in a nuclear power plant. Nuclear power can be obtained from nuclear fission , nuclear decay and nuclear fusion reactions. Presently, the vast majority of electricity from nuclear power is produced by nuclear fission of uranium and plutonium.

disadvantages of nuclear power plant in the philippines

During the next five decades, humans are going to consume more energy than they have over the course of our entire recorded history. The levels of consumption for fossil fuels give us a window of 60 years or less with currently known and expected resource discovery to find a new way to produce power. If we cannot replace all of our fossil fuels with renewables, then this fact will force a lifestyle change on everyone.

Even with hydropower and geothermal taking the lead for new electricity generation, the options for installing new capacity remain limited. Measures that prevent the consumption of natural gas, oil, or coal reduce the number of construction efforts that become possible in some countries. Those issues are the reason behind a resurgence in the popularity of nuclear energy. This industry is one of the youngest ones operating in the power sector of our economy, providing a stable source of electricity and plenty of benefits with relatively few problems to manage.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy to review when evaluating this subject. Nuclear energy provides an enormous capacity. That means it can also replace about 60 tons of oil consumption once a facility goes online. It is just as stable as the electricity and energy generated by fossil fuels while offering a powerful resource for a baseline product that works with the grids all over the world.

We can reuse the fuel from nuclear energy projects. One of the most common fuels that we use in a nuclear energy project is called Uranium When we consume this element for energy, it does not entirely expire when placed in the nuclear reactor. It is possible for facilities to reuse it again after generation. When we consume fossil fuels, the slag or ash that remains is generally not well-suited for any other project.

As we transition to a future that works with closed fuel cycles, then there is the possibility that this technology will generate zero waste in the future. Another option with this advantage is called thorium.

This spent waste comes from the leftovers of the reaction and the heavy water created. Instead of placing the leftovers into a holding facility, we can process it to continue using what we already have to reduce the need for future uranium mining. This technology helps us to start reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Any project that we start will consume fossil fuels at some level. The building materials, refining processes, and transportation networks needed to create a nuclear energy facility will produce greenhouse gas emissions during the creation process. Once we bring the power generators online, the rapid development of this resource can start reducing our emissions footprint without compromising the amount of power we can access.

When we look at the data from only Europe, this technology is responsible for a million ton reduction of carbon dioxide emissions when compared to fossil fuels. Nuclear energy provides countries with an economic boost. Nuclear energy may not be the most influential component of the American economy, but it is an essential sector for most countries around the world. When there is dynamic development in this sector, then the government can ensure some of the basic conditions that are necessary for energy independence and stable economic growth.

Nuclear power is cost-competitive with all other forms of electricity generation. The only exception to this advantage is in locations where a power plant has direct access to low-cost fossil fuels. The facilities that produce nuclear energy are exceptionally reliable. The first nuclear power plants that humans built had an expected lifespan of 40 to 50 years.

Using our current figures of uranium, there is enough product available right now to handle our existing energy needs for more than a century. New technologies that allow us to recycle the fuel coming from nuclear energy could possibly extend this benefit even further.

Nuclear energy is a safe resource to use. One of the primary reasons people shy away from the idea of using nuclear energy is the threat of radiation.

The reality of this industry is that it is very safe. It has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world for every 1 trillion kilowatts it generates when compared to other fuel resources. When you compare coal-fired energy to nuclear options, then the fossil fuel causes 20, times more fatalities for every 1 trillion kilowatts generated. Even eco-friendly options like solar energy have a rate that is twice as much as this industry offers.

The cost of nuclear energy is manageable for most countries. Nuclear energy is a proven and reliable resource. Over 30 different countries are currently using nuclear energy to meet their power generation needs. Americans have a rate that is double the worldwide average without a significant incident except for the Three Mile Island story. There are five countries Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, and France that receive their primary energy from nuclear power. This energy resource provides us with a highly efficient source of energy.

When we can control a nuclear energy reaction correctly, then the process has the capability of generating power for electricity generation for up to 36 months. That means this resource is up to 8, times better from an efficiency standpoint than the traditional fossil fuels that we consume every day.

Even when we make improvements to our traditional technology, like clean coal or biomass, the efficiency ratings do not come anywhere near what a nuclear reactor provides when it goes online. You also have the benefit with nuclear energy in that it can operate at any time of day.

That means it as efficiency superiority over most renewables, including wind and solar. The density of nuclear power is one of the highest ratings in the world. The amount of fuel that is required for nuclear energy to be generated is incredibly small compared to other forms of energy production. According to Atomic Insights, uranium provides 16, times more electricity than coal does when compared in a pound-for-pound manner.

When comparing new technologies to perform nuclear fission or fusion, the comparison rate may be more than 2 million to 1. The ratio of nuclear reactions to chemical reactions is closer to 10 million to 1.

We can use nuclear energy in a variety of ways. The primary use of nuclear power is usually for electricity generation, but there are a variety of methods and applications that benefit from this technology. This advantage is due to the stability of the energy created from the reaction since it can cover massive distances.

Even though the United States loses trillions of BTUs through electrical transmissions, we can supply rural areas with a significant source of power so that they can meet a variety of needs. We have even tested the use of nuclear reactors in outer space. The U. New technologies suggest that this resource could be a power source for engines in the same way that we use them in some submarines and other naval vessels.

There is always the threat of an accident when working with nuclear energy. When the incident at Chernobyl occurred, modern estimates suggest that up to 30, people were killed in the initial fallout and the aftermath of radiation settling into the ground. About 3 million people in the region still struggle with health problems because of their exposure during this incident. It is a problem that can exist for multiple generations.

Another incident occurred in Japan after a tsunami overwhelmed a coastal nuclear facility. The United States has not been immune to this disadvantage either. The uranium needed for nuclear energy can also become a weapon. We can turn nuclear energy into a devastating weapon that can haunt countries and communities for generations afterward. The United States is the only country that has unleashed this hell during a time of conflict, dropping weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a way to end World War II immediately.

Those bombs took hundreds of thousands of lives, and it left fallout issues like cancer and birth defects in those population centers for decades. The largest weapon ever detonated using this technology produced 5. This disadvantage means that we must become proactive about the ways that we guard its use so that it cannot fall into the hands of someone or a group who would use it for mass murder.

There is a waste issue to consider with nuclear energy. Nuclear energy offers the advantage of being a clean-burning source of energy. It also creates radioactive waste that is lethal to the environment and hazardous to people.

If this waste is not disposed of correctly, then the harm it causes may last for thousands of years in some habitats. Exposure to nuclear materials or uranium can create health problems. The issue with nuclear energy is that it produces ionizing radiation as one of its side effects. Although these particles and waves occur in nature, the background exposure levels are much less than what you would receive when getting an x-ray. If an accident occurs, then the health impact on humans is immediate.

The thyroid is especially sensitive to fallout exposure, and Cs can have external or internal triggers that can cause problems.

This disadvantage is the reason why you see workers in these facilities wearing an extensive amount of protective gear whenever they need to be around the equipment. Nuclear energy does not provide us with a renewable energy resource. Although nuclear energy is not always classified in this manner, it is closer to a fossil fuel than it is a renewable power resource. We need to have uranium available for these facilities to operate, and it must be refined to a level that makes it useful for electricity generation.

New facilities can consume thorium too, but this approach still forces us to be using a natural resource to create what we need. We must find new reserves of uranium at some point to continue growing the nuclear power industry.

There might be more time to find replacement options than coal or natural gas, but the clock is still ticking. The United States has an estimated 60 million pounds that are usable, but some countries have less than 20 years of product available to them. There are long-term storage costs to consider with nuclear power. What makes this disadvantage such a problem is that there are starts and stops that occur in the industry. Uranium mining is necessary to support the nuclear energy industry.

It is not a clean process that we use to mine and refine uranium. There are more than 1, holes drilled to look for this natural resource in the United States each year. Inefficient nuclear energy transmissions generate a significant loss profile. To prevent electricity dissipation, high-voltage, low-loss transmission lines must be installed to support the nuclear energy industry.

Nuclear Power Plant: Definition, Working Diagram, Layout, Advantages, Disadvantages [With PDF]

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Nuclear energy pros and cons

The repeated increase in industry and living standard of the people creates pressure on conventional sources of power, therefore, Coal Oil and Gas. The adoption of nuclear energy for the generation of power is Inevitable to the nation where other sources of generation are inadequate. One of the outstanding facts about nuclear power is the largest amount of energy that can be released from a small mass of active materials. The complete fission of 1 kg of Uranium contains the energy equivalent to tons of coal or tons of oil.

During the next five decades, humans are going to consume more energy than they have over the course of our entire recorded history. The levels of consumption for fossil fuels give us a window of 60 years or less with currently known and expected resource discovery to find a new way to produce power. If we cannot replace all of our fossil fuels with renewables, then this fact will force a lifestyle change on everyone.

What Are the Advantages of Geothermal Energy?

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Nuclear power

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The Pros & Cons of Nuclear Energy: Is it safe?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of nuclear power plants.

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