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English Pages [] Year A short and understandable introduction to financial reporting and analysis.

AI and machine learning have had successful applications in the financial sector even before the entry of the mobile banking ecosystem. AI is being used to leverage insights from data for financial investing and trading, wealth management, asset management, and risk management.

Linear Algebra and Optimizations are two important subjects required for Data Science. This study assesses how the coronavirus pandemic COVID affects the intraday multifractal properties of eight European stock markets by using five-minute index data ranging from 1 January to 23 March Big data techniques from the fields of AI and ML were deployed to find meaning in massive and fast-changing online data comprising of tweets and short message service SMS , which was generated after the disaster. Strategy 2: Develop effective methods for human-AI collaboration. Krishnamachari, JP Morgan, May 1 1 5 4 3.

AI and Alternative Data for Quantamental Investing

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Marko Kolanovic. Rajesh Krishnamachari. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Introduction to Big Data and Machine LearningIn the search for uncorrelated strategies and alpha, fund managers are increasingly adopting quantitative strategies.

Beyond strategies based on alternative risk premia 2 , a new source of competitive advantage is emerging with the availability of alternative data sources as well as the application of new quantitative techniques of Machine Learning to analyze these data.

This 'industrial revolution of data' seeks to provide alpha through informational advantage and the ability to uncover new uncorrelated signals. The Big Data informational advantage comes from datasets created on the back of new technologies such as mobile phones, satellites, social media, etc.

The informational advantage of Big Data is not related to expert and industry networks, access to corporate management, etc. In that respect, Big Data has the ability to profoundly change the investment landscape and further shift investment industry trends from a discretionary to quantitative investment style. This data flood is expected to increase the accumulated digital universe of data from 4. This development is also referred to as Cloud Computing.

It is now estimated that by , over one-third of all data will either live in or pass through the cloud 6. Open source frameworks for distributed cluster computing i.

Machine Learning methods to analyze large and complex datasets: There have been significant developments in the field of pattern recognition and function approximation uncovering relationship between variables. These analytical methods are known as 'Machine Learning' and are part of the broader disciplines of Statistics and Computer Science. Machine Learning techniques enable analysis of large and unstructured datasets and construction of trading strategies.

In addition to methods of Classical Machine Learning that can be thought of as advanced Statistics , there is an increased Perhaps the most important data attribute is its potential 3 Alpha content.

Alpha content has to be analyzed in the context of the price to purchase and implement the dataset. Costs of alternative datasets vary widely -sentiment analysis can be obtained for a few hundred or thousand dollars, while comprehensive credit card data can cost up to a few million USD a year.

Trading strategies based on alternative data are tested, and Alpha is estimated from a backtest. These tests can find whether a dataset has enough alpha to make it a viable standalone trading strategy. These situations are rare. Most data have a small positive Sharpe ratio that is not sufficiently high for a standalone investment strategy. Despite this, these datasets are very valuable, as the signals can be combined with other signals to yield a viable portfolio level strategy.

Investors should not be surprised to come across alternative datasets with no alpha content. In addition to alpha, one needs to assess orthogonality of the information contained in the dataset is it unique to a dataset, or already captured by other data , as well as the potential capacity of a strategy based on the dataset. The figure below shows potential outcomes of an "alpha assessment" of a dataset. Closely related to the alpha content, is the question of 4 How well-known is a dataset.

The more broadly a dataset is known, the less likely it is to lead to a stand-alone strategy with a strong Sharpe ratio. Most Big Datasets will be less well-known and new datasets emerge on a frequent basis.

To assess how well a dataset is known, managers can ask the data provider about existing clients. Initial clients can influence the scope of data collection and curation affecting the subsequent customers. Initial clients can sometimes ask for exclusive or limited-sales deals, through which the provider commits to sell only to a pre-defined number of clients. An important attribute of data is the 5 Stage of processing of data when acquired.

Fundamental investors prefer processed signals and insights instead of a large amount of raw data. The highest level of data processing happens when data is presented in the form of research reports, alerts or trade ideas.

A lesser degree of processing comes when the provider sells In order to select the most appropriate best possible method to analyze data one needs to be familiar with different Machine Learning approaches, their pros and cons, and specifics of applying these models in financial forecasts. In addition to knowledge of models that are available, successful application requires a strong understanding of the underlying data that are being modelled, as well as strong market intuition.

In the third chapter of this report we review in more detail various Machine Learning models and illustrate their application with financial data. Marko Kolanovic, PhD marko. Some datasets may include personally identifiable information, and are hence of risk of being discontinued, and the data provider or data user is at risk of being implicated in a lawsuit. In all examples that we could think of, investment firms are interested in aggregated data and not PII.

Recent media reports 17 suggest the Federal Trade Commission's division of privacy and identity protection has started scrutinizing alternative data sources and using a dataset with PII poses a significant risk.

In the absence of any industry-wide standard, we refer to NIST's 'Guide to protecting the confidentiality of personally identifiable information" published as NIST for creating guidelines for appropriate use of alternative data. We follow the classification of alternative data outlined in the previous section figure below , and provide strategy backtests for select datasets from each category.

In the fourth chapter of this handbook which can be viewed as an extension of this chapter , we provide an extensive directory of alternative data providers. The first step in designing a Big Data trading strategy is identifying and acquiring appropriate datasets.

Cost of a dataset is an important consideration. The cost of a dataset involves the direct cost of purchasing the data, and opportunity cost of time invested in analyzing a dataset that may not be put into production. It is not straightforward to assess the relevance and quality of the data and there is little standardization for most data offerings.

Initially, one should gather anecdotal intelligence on how well-known and relevant is the dataset. One then needs to scrutinize the quality of the dataset completeness, outliers, sampling methodology , understand the level of pre-processing, and various technical aspects of the dataset which were discussed in the previous section.

Finally, a trading strategy based on the dataset needs to designed and tested. The backtest should be performed over different time periods, and under different transaction cost assumptions. As with any quantitative strategy, special attention should be paid to avoid overfitting and in-sample biases. In these various steps from acquiring data to trading implementation of a strategy , managers often partner with various participants in the Big Data market.

This spend includes acquiring datasets, building Big Data technology, and hiring appropriate talent. Currently, the market of alternative data providers is quite fragmented. Our directory for alternative data providers lists over specialized data firms see chapter 4. We expect some level of consolidation of data providers as the Big Data market matures. There are roughly three types of data providers in the marketplace: Providers of raw data collect and report alternative data with minimal aggregation or processing.

Examples are companies collecting foot fall data from individual malls, satellite imagery for requested locations, flows from trading desks, etc. Providers of semi-processed data partially Marko Kolanovic, PhD marko. These firms often produce documentation with some visual proof of relevance for financial assets. Providers of signals and reports are focused on the investment industry alone. They can produce bespoke analysis for fundamental clients or sell quantitative signals.

These include specialized firms, boutique research shops and quantitative teams and major sell-side firms. Data Aggregators specialize in collecting data from different alternative data providers. Investors can access hundreds of datasets often through a single portal by negotiating with the data aggregators e.

Many IT firms offer technology solutions to Big Data clients. These solutions include public, private or hybrid cloud architecture enabling clients to onboard data quickly. Sell-side research teams educate clients on Big Data and Machine Learning, consult on designing quantitative strategies based on big and alternative data and provide aggregated and derived internal and external market data. Data HistoryOnce the dataset is identified and acquired, one needs to proceed with a backtest.

In the previous section, we classified alternative data sets based on how they were generated: by online activity of individuals, business processes and sensors Figure below left. Different types of alternative data are often available with limited history. We interpret the figure as an approximate history available from a typical data provider in the specific category.

This affected bearish calls on Chipotle in late , when analysts relied on lower foot traffic believing them to be a consequence of food-borne illnesses, instead of the cold season inducing customers to order meals at home. Marko Kolanovic, marko. For an overview of web scraping methods see the Appendix. Reliable datasets based on social media activity e. The most reliable datasets in this category are based on credit card transactions and company exhaust data.

A large amount of historical data is made available by federal and state-level agencies and the data is usually available with history longer than 10 years. Market microstructure data such as L-2 and L-3 order-book tick data is also available with over 15 years of history.

In the future we expect increased availability of trade-flow data from sell-side institutions. Sellside flow data is typically available with less than 5 years of consistent history. Some of these data sets require legal and reputational risk assessment. Backtests provided in this section should be used as illustrations of Big Data trading strategies, rather than endorsement of certain data types or providers.

Finally, we stress that use of alternative data will not always lead to profitable strategies as some datasets and methodologies will simply add no value. Indeed, the media has highlighted some prominent failures of calls made using alternative data.

We further classify this data into the three subcategories: social media data e. Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs , data from specialized sites e.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Machine Learning methods to analyze large and complex datasets: There have been significant developments in the field of pattern recognition and function approximation uncovering relationship between variables. Machine Learning techniques enable analysis of large and unstructured datasets and construction of trading strategies. While neural networks have been around for decades10, it was only in recent years that they found a broad application across industries. This success of advanced Machine Learning algorithms in solving complex problems is increasingly enticing investment managers to use the same algorithms. While there is a lot of hype around Big Data and Machine Learning, researchers estimate that just 0.

Alternative data in finance refers to data used to obtain insight into the investment process. Alternative data sets are often categorized as big data , [8] which means that they may be very large and complex and often cannot be handled by software traditionally used for storing or handling data , such as Microsoft Excel. An alternative data set can be compiled from various sources such as financial transactions , sensors , mobile devices , satellites , public records , and the internet. Since alternative data sets originate as a product of a company's operations, these data sets are often less readily accessible and less structured than traditional sources of data. During the last decade, many data brokers , aggregators , and other intermediaries began specializing in providing alternative data to investors and analysts. Alternative data is being used by fundamental and quantitative institutional investors to create innovative sources of alpha.

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AI and Alternative Data for Quantamental Investing

Financial services jobs go in and out of fashion. In equity research for internet companies was all the rage. In , structuring collateralised debt obligations CDOs was the thing. In , credit traders were popular. In , compliance professionals were it.

Fixed income investing has undergone a sea change in the past decade. By tossing out some active management orthodoxies and embracing new technologies and quantitative techniques, we believe some managers are better equipped to capture unique insights and excess returns for their clients. We think this quantitative vs. Investing in fixed income markets has undergone a big transformation in recent years.

His research focuses on nonlinear time series, nonparametric statistics and machine learning with applications in time series and risk analysis for finance … Machine learning technology is able to reduce financial risks in several ways: Machine learning algorithms are able to continuously analyze huge amounts of data for example, on loan repayments, car accidents, or company stocks and predict trends that can impact lending and insurance. We will also explore some stock data, and prepare it for machine learning algorithms. For the sake of simplicity, we focus on machine learning in this post. The magic about machine learning solutions is that they learn from experience without being explicitly programmed. As a group of rapidly related technologies that include machine learning ML and deep learning DL , AI has the potential to disrupt and refine the existing financial … Social media platforms utilize machine learning … 34, Issue.

Big data usually involves collating data generated at various speeds and moments and accommodating bursts of activity.

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Alternative data (finance)

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Big Data And Ai Strategies Kolanovic Pdf

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Alpha, the excess return of a fund relative to the return of the benchmark index, is what portfolio managers are typically measured against.

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Machine Learning and Alternative Data Approach to Investing. Quantitative Tick Data. With the development of NLP techniques, text in pdf and Excel format is.