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Every business is affected by a myriad of factors.

Understanding Of Micro And Macro Factors That Affect Your Business

The cultural environment consists of the influence of religious, family, educational, and social systems in the marketing system. Marketers who intend to market their products overseas may be very sensitive to foreign cultures. While the differences between our cultural background in the United States and those of foreign nations may seem small, marketers who ignore these differences risk failure in implementing marketing programs. Failure to consider cultural differences is one of the primary reasons for marketing failures overseas. Table 6 provides some illustrations of cultural difference around the world.

The Macro Environment – Six Forces in the Environment of a Business

By and large, managers can control the four Ps of the marketing mix: they can decide which products to offer, what prices to charge for them, how to distribute them, and how to reach target audiences. Unfortunately, there are other forces at work in the marketing world—forces over which marketers have much less control. These factors—and changes in them—present both threats and opportunities that require shifts in marketing plans. To spot trends and other signals that conditions may be in flux, marketers must continually monitor the environment in which their companies operate. Federal, state, and local bodies can set rules or restrictions on the conduct of businesses. The purpose of regulation is to protect both consumers and businesses. Businesses favor some regulations such as patent laws while chafing under others such as restrictions on advertising.

markets. Dynamics of International Environment. Political and Legal Factors: Legal and political environment are inter-related with the business strategy.

9.8 The Marketing Environment

The market environment or business environment is a marketing term and refers to factors and forces that affect a firm's ability to build and maintain successful customer relationships. The business environment has been defined as "the totality of physical and social factors that are taken directly into consideration in the decision-making behaviour of individuals in the organisation. The analysis of the macro marketing environment is to better understand the environment, adapt to the social environment and change, so as to achieve the purpose of enterprise marketing.

Reading: Institutional Factors Shaping the Global Marketing Environment

Environment consists of forces. Environment is made of such controllable and uncontrollable forces. It is the environment that determines favourable or unfavourable conditions, and hence, provides either opportunities or threats and challenges. International marketing environment covers all the relevant global forces influencing international marketing decisions. These forces may be internal such as resource ability and management attitudes , may be domestic such as government policy toward international business and facilities , and global such as overall international business environment of relevant part of the world. However, discussion of global forces is more relevant as they are major considerations in international marketing.

The key difference between domestic marketing and marketing on an international scale is the multidimensionality and complexity of the many foreign country markets a company may operate in. An international manager needs a knowledge and awareness of these complexities and the implications they have for international marketing management.

Why should businesses care about the different political and legal systems around the world? To begin with, despite the globalization of business, firms must abide by the local rules and regulations of the countries in which they operate. Until recently, governments were able to directly enforce the rules and regulations based on their political and legal philosophies. The Internet has started to change this, as sellers and buyers have easier access to each other. Nevertheless, countries still have the ability to regulate or strong-arm companies into abiding by their rules and regulations.

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The legal/political aspect is very important in global marketing. Every business operates within the jurisdiction of legal system. The international business is also subject to political decrees made by governments both in "home" and "host" countries.

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Besides struggling to rebuild the country after the earthquake, Haiti has had to cope with decades of political conflict and instability.

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