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Introduction To Membrane Science And Technology Heinrich Strathmann Pdf

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Membrane Handbook

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Rashid Ur Rehman. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. General considerations 3 1. Historical and key developments of membranes and membrane processes 5 1. Advantages and limitations of membrane processes 8 1. Cost considerations and environmental impact 8 1. The membrane based industry 10 1.

The membrane market and its future development 11 1. The future of membrane science and technology 12 1. General considerations 17 2. Definition of terms 17 2. Definition of various membrane processes 19 2.

The membrane transport mechanisms 21 2. Materials and structures of synthetic membranes 22 2. Symmetric and asymmetric membranes 23 2.

Porous membranes 24 2. Homogeneous dense membranes 25 2. Ion-exchange membranes 25 2. Liquid membranes 25 2. Fixed carrier membranes 26 2.

Other membranes 26 2. Interdependence of fluxes and driving forces 31 2. Membrane separation properties 33 2. Basic thermodynamic relations with relevance in membrane processes 34 2. Basic electrochemical relations with relevance in membrane processes 39 2. Coulombs law and the electric field effect on ions in solution 41 2. The electric double layer at the surface of membranes 43 2. Electrical dipoles and intermolecular forces 46 2. Chemical and electrochemical equilibrium in membrane systems 47 2.

Water dissociation equilibrium and the pH- and pK-values of acids and bases 47 2. Osmotic equilibrium, osmotic pressure, osmosis and reverse osmosis 49 2. The electrochemical equilibrium and the Donnan potential 51 2. Mathematical description of mass transport in membranes 53 2. General considerations 61 3. The principle of microfiltration 64 3. The principle of ultrafiltration 66 3. The principle of nanofiltration 69 3. The principle of reverse osmosis 74 3.

Reverse osmosis mass transport described by the solution-diffusion model75 3. Reverse osmosis transport described by the phenomenological equations 76 3. The principle of gas separation 79 3.

Gas separation by Knudsen diffusion 79 3. Gas transport by the solution-diffusion mechanism in a polymer matrix81 3. The principle of pervaporation 86 3. The principle of dialysis 88 3. Dialysis mass transport of components carrying no electric charges 89 3. Dialysis mass transport of electrolytes in a membrane without fixed ions 3. Dialysis mass transport of electrolytes in ion-exchange membranes 91 3.

The principle of electrodialysis 93 3. Electrical current and ion fluxes 94 3. Electrodialysis with bipolar membranes 97 3. The principle of membrane contactors 3.

Membrane contactors used to separate two liquid immiscible phases 3. The principle of membrane reactors 3. Biological membrane reactors 3. Energy requirements in membrane processes 3. General considerations 4. Membrane filtration processes 4. Recovery rate, membrane rejection, retentate and filtrate concentrations12 4. Solute losses in membrane filtration processes 4. Effect of osmotic pressure on the filtration rate 4.

Operation modes in filtration processes 4. Stages and cascades in membrane filtration 4. Diafiltration 4. Energy consumption and process costs in membrane filtration proce 4. Product costs in filtration processes 4. Gas separation 4. Gas separation modes of operation 4. Staging in gas separation and the reflux cascade 4. Calculation of gas separation for a system with complete mixing 4.

Energy consumption and cost of gas separation 4. Pervaporation 4. Pervaporation modes of operation 4. Staging in pervaporation 4. Pervaporation energy consumption and costs 4. Dialysis 4. The process principle 4. Dialysis process and system design 4. Process costs in dialysis 4. Electrodialysis 4. The process principle and the electrodialysis stack 4. Energy requirements in an electrodialysis desalination process 4. Bipolar membrane electrodialysis 4. Bipolar membrane electrodialysis energy requirements and process cost 4.

Continuous electrodeionization process design 4. Operational problems and cost of continuous electrodeionization 4. Electrochemical synthesis with ion-exchange membranes 4. Electrolysis process design parameters 4. The electrolysis stack construction 4. Energy consumption and process costs of the chlor-alkali production 4. Ion-exchange membranes in energy storage and conversion 4. Principle and key components of fuel cell energy conversion 4.

Simulation of Membrane Modules with OpenFOAM

Post a Comment. Saturday, October 14, Heinrich Strathmann. Cell membrane slideshare. The hydrophilic heads lie at the outer and inner faces of the cell membrane and the hydrophobic tails project towards the middle of the bilayer. It stiffens the cell membrane.

Du kanske gillar. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Today, membranes and membrane processes are used as efficient tools for the separation of liquid mixtures or gases in the chemical and biomedical industry, in water desalination and wastewater purification.

PDF | On Jan 1, , Heiner Strathmann and others published An Introduction to Membrane Science and Technology | Find, read and cite all the research you.

Membrane Separation Processes Gbv Free Pdf

The approved original version of this diploma or master thesis is available at the main library of the Vienna University of Technology. A couple of studies investigate membrane separation processes in hollow fiber membranes with CFD whereas most of them use commercially available software. In this thesis, CFD simulations of the flow through hollow fiber membranes were used in order to examine the separation performance.

an introduction ofmembrane technology.pdf

The book contains anextensive and useful discussion of the basictheory governing mass transport in membranes. There is an informative discussion of membranecharacterization techniques, with much emphasison techniques to characterize porous membranes e.

Table of contents

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Introduction to Membrane Science and Technology. By Heinrich Strathmann.

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