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Genetic screens have been crucial for deciphering many important biological processes, including meiosis. In Arabidopsis thaliana , previous forward screens have likely identified almost all the meiotic genes that when mutated lead to a pronounced decrease in fertility.

Genetic screen

Metrics details. Analysis of mutants isolated from forward-genetic screens has revealed key components of several plant signalling pathways. Mapping mutations by position, either using classical methods or whole genome high-throughput sequencing HTS , largely relies on the analysis of genome-wide polymorphisms in F 2 recombinant populations. Combining bulk segregant analysis with HTS has accelerated the identification of causative mutations and has been widely adopted in many research programmes. A major advantage of HTS is the ability to perform bulk segregant analysis after back-crossing to the parental line rather than out-crossing to a polymorphic ecotype, which reduces genetic complexity and avoids issues with phenotype penetrance in different ecotypes. Plotting the positions of homozygous polymorphisms in a mutant genome identifies areas of low recombination and is an effective way to detect molecular linkage to a phenotype of interest.

A genetic screen or mutagenesis screen is an experimental technique used to identify and select for individuals who possess a phenotype of interest in a mutagenized population. Genetic screens can provide important information on gene function as well as the molecular events that underlie a biological process or pathway. While genome projects have identified an extensive inventory of genes in many different organisms, genetic screens can provide valuable insight as to how those genes function. Forward genetics or a forward genetic screen is an approach used to identify genes or set of genes responsible for a particular phenotype of an organism. Reverse genetics or a reverse genetic screen , on the other hand, analyzes the phenotype of an organism following the disruption of a known gene.

The art and design of genetic screens: Arabidopsis thaliana

Allyl alcohol, a suicide substrate for the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme EC. This approach led to the isolation of mutants that mapped to the ADH gene itself. We attempted to use allyl alcohol selection for the isolation of adh1 regulatory mutants in Arabidopsis. This enabled us to use GUS staining to discriminate between structural and regulatory mutants. Allyl alcohol selection of EMS-treated seeds did not yield any potential mutants.

Molecular genetic studies rely on well-characterized organisms that can be easily manipulated. Arabidopsis thaliana — the model system of choice for plant.

A genetic screen of chitosan-resistant mutant in Arabidopsis thaliana

Forward genetic approach is a powerful tool to elucidate plant response to elicitors. Chitosan, the biodegradable polymer deacetylated form of chitin, plays a role as an elicitor in many plants. To discover the chitosan response mechanism, we achieved a screening for the EMS-mutagenized Arabidopsis population with chitosan-resistant characters that has not been previously reported.

Since the sequencing of the nuclear genome of Arabidopsis thaliana ten years ago, various large-scale analyses of gene function have been performed in this model species. In the foreseeable future, genome-wide phenotypic data from mutant analyses will become available for Arabidopsis , and will stimulate a flood of novel in-depth gene-function analyses. In this review, we consider the present status of resources and concepts for systematic studies of gene function in A. Current perspectives on the utility of loss-of-function and gain-of-function mutants will be discussed in light of the genetic and functional redundancy of many A. Because of its small size, short life cycle and compact genome, Arabidopsis thaliana hereafter Arabidopsis has been developed into a model system for plants.

Key Points

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Forward genetic screens have successfully identified many genes and continue to be powerful tools for dissecting biological processes in Arabidopsis and other model species. Next-generation sequencing technologies have revolutionized the time-consuming process of identifying the mutations that cause a phenotype of interest. However, due to the cost of such mapping-by-sequencing experiments, special attention should be paid to experimental design and technical decisions so that the read data allows to map the desired mutation. Here, we simulated different mapping-by-sequencing scenarios. We first evaluated which short-read technology was best suited for analyzing gene-rich genomic regions in Arabidopsis and determined the minimum sequencing depth required to confidently call single nucleotide variants.

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Molecular genetic studies rely on well-characterized organisms that can be easily manipulated. Arabidopsis thaliana — the model system of.

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Arabidopsis thaliana — the model system of choice for plant biologists of the Arabidopsis genome depends on well-designed forward genetic screens, which.

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