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Beyond the Head: The Practical Work of Curating Contemporary Art

While I have curated art shows, both collaboratively and on my own, I am not speaking from the perspective of a practitioner; rather, I want to approach the question from a philosophical and psychoanalytic perspective or, more pointedly, from the perspective where this necessary but uneasy partnership is conjoined. The question I have posed for investigation is the question concerning the subject of curating. Now, this is not a search for a full empirical description of what is entailed in curating, e. Curating is not a kind of Fregean name to which we then find a finite or possibly dynamically finite, i. When I ask what the subject of curating is or could be, I ask in a certain philosophical tradition or, more accurately, in a tradition of questioning, redefining, shifting, and deconstructing this tradition. This also means that I still think posing such a question can lead to meaningful results.

This course will develop the necessary skills both to plan effectively for the final project work and enhance students' understanding and observation of the professional sphere within the context of the application of academic scholarship. Applied learning is an important aspect of the MSc Film, Exhibition and Curation for a number of reasons which all have the same purpose: to enhance the academic study of a professional field. It is about providing students with the opportunity to acquire and apply knowledge, skills and understanding through tasks set in sector contexts that have many of the characteristics of real work or are set within the workplace and which relate to academic study. Most importantly, the purpose of the tasks must be relevant to real work in the sector. We want to develop student employability by providing an opportunity to experience the actuality of what we study in the classroom at a professional level. Experience on its own, however, is not enough.

How curating has changed art and how art has changed curating: an examination of the emergence contemporary curatorship. Once considered a mere caretaker for collections, the curator is now widely viewed as a globally connected auteur. Over the last twenty-five years, as international group exhibitions and biennials have become the dominant mode of presenting contemporary art to the public, curatorship has begun to be perceived as a constellation of creative activities not unlike artistic praxis. The curator has gone from being a behind-the-scenes organizer and selector to a visible, centrally important cultural producer. In The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture s , Paul O'Neill examines the emergence of independent curatorship and the discourse that helped to establish it. O'Neill describes how, by the s, curated group exhibitions—large-scale, temporary projects with artworks cast as illustrative fragments—came to be understood as the creative work of curator-auteurs.

Interview with Paul O’Neill

ViCCA is an international programme that explores emerging knowledges and practices at the intersections of visual cultures, curating and contemporary art. You have not yet given permission to place the required cookies from YouTube. Accept the required cookies to view this content. ViCCA is situated at the dynamic intersections of fields of visual culture, curatorial practice and contemporary art. The educational aim of the programme is for you as a student to find your own weave between these fields in the development of fresh new possibilities and practices.

Please note that ebooks are subject to tax and the final price may vary depending on your country of residence. Curating Pop speaks to the rapidly growing interest in the study of popular music exhibitions, which has occurred alongside the increasing number of popular music museums in operation across the world. Focusing on curatorial practices and processes, this book draws on interviews with museum workers and curators from twenty museums globally, including the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, the Experience Music Project in Seattle and the PopMuseum in Prague. Through a consideration of the subjective experiences of curators involved in the exhibition of popular music in museums in a range of geographic locations, Curating Pop compares institutional practices internationally, illustrating the ways in which popular music history is presented to visitors in a wider sense. List of figures and tables Acknowledgments 1. Curatorial practice in popular music museums: an introduction 2.

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Lindsey Sharman: We would like to talk about New Institutionalism , a term borrowed from economics and sociology, that became popular during the last decade to classify a certain type of curatorial practice, institutional reform and critical debate concerned with challenging the art institutions. Paul O'Neill: Well, the problem with the New Institutionalism as a paradigm, if you are setting up that there is a paradigm shift in the last, say, 10, 15 years, with people like Maria Lind, Charles Esche, Katrin David, in relatively small institutions, is that they all have left. So as a paradigm it only existed for a very, very short period of time in relation to the specific individual curators who were responsible for coming up with that term, but also rethinking what the institution could look like. So, for Charles Esche, in Rooseum in Malmo, thinking about the institution as a laboratory, as much as an educational institution, as much as an exhibiting space.

Curatorial criticism differedfromthat. It is the inter-relational attributes ofboth culture and location that are the most obviously. Visual effect, display, and narrative are central to any curated exhibition. The exhibition.

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The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture(s)


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Centred on the development of discussions around independent curatorial practice from to - a time of expanded understanding of the role of the.

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How curating has changed art and how art has changed curating: an examination of the organizer and selector to a visible, centrally important cultural producer.