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Learn more. When they floored their Thunderbird off a cliff rather than surrender to the law, Thelma and Louise became icons of female rebellion, provoking strong reactions from viewers who felt either empowered or outraged by the duo's transgressions of women's traditional roles.

As this anthology argues, the film is profoundly polyphonic, both textually and contextually, offering viewers ways of crossing gender and identity, of gaining insight into the interrelations of gender and violence. In , two female fans of professional football at a Baltimore Ravens NFL game wore purple jerseys with "Thelma" and "Louise" embroidered on their backs. The large majority of fans at the game were male, many of whom wore jerseys with the names of favorite players, such as linebacker Ray Lewis, renowned for his violent tackles on the field of play and notorious for his acquittal from charges that he murdered three men after a Super Bowl party.

Professional football exemplifies the American tendency to normalize masculine violence into sport, legal permissiveness, and invisible systems of control of gendered bodies. Thus, within the context of football as symbolic and literal arena of male violence, the two female fans' choice of "Thelma" and "Louise" resonates with political meaning, as well as personal significance.

These women used the film to assert identification with strong female characters who accessed violence as a tool for survival within a patriarchal society. By late , both Film Quarterly and Cineaste published scholarly fora featuring short reflections on the film's meaning and significance, including articles by Carol Clover, Marsha Kinder, and Elayne Rapping, among others. The contributors approach the film from different locations, employing diverse methodologies to understand the film and its impact.

The chapters are linked by a shared concern with the film's social meanings, meaning sought through attention to gender as performance and to audience response to performance of the relations between gender, identity, and power. Sturtevant argues that the film's emphasis on female laughter provided women viewers with opportunities to experience release from social containment while simultaneously threatening some male viewers with its potential to disrupt patriarchal containment.

Through close analysis of ways in which actors signify via physical action, Knobloch argues that Thelma and Louise, as performed by Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, demonstrate the possibilities of multivoiced, multibodied "composite subjects.

Through a series of case studies analyzing the use of specific pop songs in the film, including Marianne Faithful's version of "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan" and Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now," Gorbman proposes that the film's hybrid score invites viewers to engage in more active readings, enabling complex possibilities for identification on both aural and visual registers.

David Slocum engages the film's complex generic status, focusing upon its dual status as a road movie and a lovers-on-the-run movie. Slocum produces a social history of the road film, arguing that the genre's consistent social concerns have been with violence, containment, critique of dominant orders, and the possibilities and limits of freedom.

Fuchs uses her analysis of the formation of Pitt's star image to explore a historical shift in thinking about masculinity, changing structures of sexualization and objectification, and female agency and volition. In this interview, Khouri discusses the film's production, addressing director Ridley Scott's choices in adapting her screenplay. She talks about the intertextual influences that shaped her creative process and about the film's reception and afterlife.

As a screenwriter and director, Khouri shares important insights about the gender politics of film production in Los Angeles and about the film's relations to feminism. Writing in U. Free from the reviewer's responsibility to engage the film's specificity, Leo instead represented those most threatened by the film, men and some women who understood violent agency as a male prerogative.

Leo's commentary fed the controversy over the film, and, in response, Time Magazine published a cover story, entitled "Why Thelma and Louise Strike a Nerve" June 24, In a piece entitled "Gender Bender," Richard Schickel reviews journalistic response to the film during its first month of release, offering a valuable summary of aspects of the film's initial reception. In the same issue, Margaret Carlson critiques the film for fatalism, while also appreciating the film's virtues.

Carlson articulates another important response to the film, ambivalence by female viewers about the ending. From within the heat of a raging controversy, these critics and commentators may not have seen the film as clearly as scholars working from the remove of a decade and a half. This anthology seeks to understand the social meanings of that response, helping the film to live on through scholarship, teaching, and spirited discussion.

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Screenplay-Thelma and Louise

Carolyn Ann "Callie" Khouri born November 27, is an American film and television screenwriter , producer , and director. Khouri's most recent movie, Mad Money , was released in The critics awarded it strong reviews. In , Nashville moved to CMT. Khouri's interest in theatre arts began when she took part in high school plays.

Synopsis. Whilst on a short weekend getaway, Louise shoots a man who had tried to rape Thelma. Due to the incriminating circumstances, they make a run for it.

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Download the Math of Storytelling Infographic. You can find the Foolscap Global Story Grid here sheet 7. Best friends Thelma Dickinson Geena Davis and Louise Sawyer Susan Sarandon set out for a weekend vacation at a fishing cabin in the mountains to take a break from their dreary lives in Arkansas. On the way to the cabin, they stop for a drink at a bar where Thelma meets and dances with a flirtatious stranger, Harlan.

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Ridley Scott Film’s Screenplay PDF Collection (Download)

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Ridley Scott Film’s Screenplay PDF Collection (Download)

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