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Access options available:. The fictional narrator, an elderly African-American woman, weaves together family lore and American history to impart to her child listener understanding and pride in his heritage: "You have to know where you come from so you can move forward. The [End Page ] narration spins out smooth as silk, and that is paradoxically the strength and the weakness of the title—a social studies lesson in which historical episodes are retold more compellingly than in any textbook, yet so ably and unfalteringly presented that the narrator herself seems despite the frequent, down-homey interjections of "chile" implausibly glib. There is ample reward here, however, even for children who don't read a word of the text. Nelson's monumental paintings portray the humblest laborers, the most prosaic families as heroic figures in the epic drama of their history, and unnamed faces are imbued with the same dignified pride as those of Douglass and King and Parks. A timeline, bibliography, and index will assist students trolling for report material, but it's the powerful imagery that ultimately makes this essential to the American History collection. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

This volume examines the common factors underlying effective psychotherapy and brings the psychotherapist and the client-therapist relationship back into focus as key determinants of psychotherapy outcome. The second edition of The Heart and Soul of Change also demonstrates the power of systematic client feedback to improve effectiveness and efficiency and legitimize psychotherapy services to third party payers. In this way, psychotherapy is implemented one person at a time, based on that unique individual's perceptions of the progress and fit of the therapy and therapist. Readers familiar with the first edition will encounter the same pragmatic focus but with a larger breadth of coverage - this edition adds chapters on both youth psychotherapy and substance abuse treatment. Through reading The Heart and Soul of Change, Second Edition: Delivering What Works in Therapy clinicians of varied levels of experience will improve their understanding of what is truly therapeutic in the diverse forms of psychotherapy practiced today.

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On May 3 the Tories were swept to electoral victory. Today, exactly two years later, Mrs Thatcher takes stock in an exclusive interview with Ronald Butt. Prime Minister your government's success or failure is going to be judged largely by its handling of the economy, and you can take cautious satisfaction at having brought down the rate of inflation. But this has been achieved at a huge cost in terms of lost jobs and bankrupt businesses. How can you win the next election and secure the second parliament you want unless you achieve a more positive kind of recovery than seems to be in prospect now—even if the recession is bottoming out. I think that underestimates exactly all the right things that industry has been doing. It is not merely a question of getting inflation down, important though that is.

PDF | On Jun 1, , Barry L Duncan published The Heart and Soul of Change: Getting Better at What We Do | Find, read and cite all the research you need on.

The Heart & Soul of Change: Delivering What Works in Therapy

The heart and soul of change: Delivering what works in therapy, 2nd ed. Duncan, B. In the late s, the makers of Alka Seltzer surprised.

Common factors theory , a theory guiding some research in clinical psychology and counseling psychology , proposes that different approaches and evidence-based practices in psychotherapy and counseling share common factors that account for much of the effectiveness of a psychological treatment. Saul Rosenzweig started the conversation on common factors in an article published in that discussed some psychotherapies of his time. Miller 's book Personality and Psychotherapy emphasized that the psychological principles and social conditions of learning are the most important common factors. In the same year, Carl Rogers published a paper outlining what he considered to be common factors which he called "necessary and sufficient conditions" of successful therapeutic personality change, emphasizing the therapeutic relationship factors which would become central to the theory of person-centered therapy.

Is the field ready to move on?

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The Heart and Soul of Change: Getting Better at What We Do


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