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The Marketing Concept What It Is And What It Is Not Pdf

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The concept of consumer buying behaviour is not new, it has been discovered ages ago. The current marketing strategies focuses on consumers buying behaviour. This site is designed to explore marketing and provide researchers and the general audience with background information on marketing.

The changing face of marketing

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Download Free PDF. The marketing concept in perspective Business Horizons, Rosann Spiro. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. The marketing concept in perspective. McGee and Rosann L. Spiro 40 Lynn W. McGee is an associate instructor in the Graduate School of Business, In- Since its introduction in the s the mar- diana University, Bloomington; she will receive her Ph.

Dih May. Rosann L. Spiro keting concept has been criticized, broad- is an associate professor of marketing, also at Indiana University. This marks the au- thors' first appearance in Business Hori- ened, and blamed for the current decline zons.

But many of those doing all that work have failed to recognize what the marketing con- cept really is. O ne of the age-old tricks in A philosophy is a broad um- 'academic debate is to rede- brella that govems the business fine the topic to defend one- life, while a concept is a recog- self from a critical blow. This article nized way of operating within does not seek a new definition of the the climate that the philosophy marketing concept in response to re- umbrella has set.

The marketing philosophy is a nor- The definitional issue is still a crit- mative prescription for business man- ical one. As late as , Sachs and agers; it proposes that the business Benson suggested that marketing's focus on the consumer's needs and "underlying philosophy, enunciated desires. Marketing writers generally in generalities in the beginning, has describe this focus in three parts: come to mean different things to dif- Customer Orientation.

Knowledge ferent people. Like and behavior, should be the focal an astute politician, it is grandly va- point of all marketing action. Ultimately, the Perhaps they took this position be- entire firm must be in tune with the cause, as the management thinkers in market by emphasizing the integra- the s and s suggested, mar- tion of the marketing function with keting is both a philosophy and a con- research, product management, sales, cept.

Fred J. Borch recognized the and advertising. This will enhance the distinction between the two: firm's total effectiveness. The Marketing Concept in Perspective 4 "While some authors conclude that the concept has been adopted and successfully implemented by many firms, many argue that the concept has not been widely implemented.

The marketing tion. Instead, it was intended to help sideration of the recent criticisms of concept is intended to make money marketing managers organize their marketing.

Finally, writers seem to differ on what social responsibility to the consumer; the implementation of the marketing the concept has caused the failure of concept will look like in a business American corporate strategy by ig- Marketing Concept setting.

Limited research has been noring distinctive competencies and done in this area; a few studies have discouraging innovation; or the con- The marketing concept, in contrast, is attempted to operationalize the con- cept is not appropriate in certain mar- the operational implication of the phi- struct " a d o p t i o n of the marketing keting situations. These criticisms, losophy, the specific techniques by concept.

The concept in- a d o p t e d and successfully imple- anecdotal evidence. For example, Theo- specific way to deal with a specific dore Levitt lamented the failure of Bell and Emory, in an article entitled marketing situation.

Neil H. Borden companies to truly implement the "The Faltering Marketing Concept," groups these techniques in the marketing philosophy in the early suggest that the traditional marketing following areas: product planning, s. Barksdale and Darden con- statement conflicts with the compa- pricing, branding, channels of distri- cluded, as a result of their survey ny's social responsibility to con- bution, personal selling, advertising, of Fortune firms, that few firms sumers.

They observe: sales promotion, service, physical are able to implement the concept. Providing particularly the forces bearing on the very few companies really do it. Thus, ish devotion to a few marketing tools protection of the consumer's as changes in the specific context oc- with a resultant neglect of others welfare? They suggested that the marketing philosophy's exaggerated emphasis on consumer research is to blame.

They nisms, such as laws and regulations, nett and Cooper extend this idea by view business as "a total operational to protect consumers and societal val- suggesting alternative directions for system with eonsumers and social ues.

The busi- Because the marketing philosophy place consumer satisfaction first and ness with a long-run view will re- suggests that managers orient the op- profits second. As they explain it, spond to consumer concern about its erations of the firm toward market "profit must be viewed as a residual product's safety, value, or environ- needs and pursue profit through sat- that results from efficiently supplying mental impact.

The marketing phi- isfying consumer needs and wants, consumer satisfaction. First, their pro- society. They are normative recom- the end of consumer satisfaction. The posal does not appear to be workable mendations for success for the indi- marketing concept does not limit the in a competitive business environ- vidual business operating in a company to one set of consumers or ment.

To expect a firm operating in a capitalistic market. Repeatedly values and priorities for a society and Marketing's Impact on Corporate in the literature criticizing the mar- to put those priorities ahead of the Strategy keting concept, authors cite Levitt's firm's operational considerations is article on marketing myopia" as dem- unreasonable. Profit is the most basic The second criticism of the marketing onstrating that the marketing philos- condition necessary for the firm's sur- concept is that it is not good corporate ophy dictates that a firm's strategy vival in a capitalistic market.

The strategy because it ignores the dis- should be developed solely in re- marketing concept proposes that con- tinctive competencies of the organi- sponse to the needs of customers.

While Levitt did stress the impor- achieve long-run profits, since in a Using the marketing philosophy to tance of consumer satisfaction, he did competitive market consumers' pur- design a corporate strategy fails, many not purport that it is the only consid- chase choices determine which firms authors suggest, because firms must eration in making strategic decisions.

This Levitt cites examples of market ex- Emory is that the marketing philos- process includes two steps: estimat- pansions driven by the product's use ophy was intended to help managers ing a market's potential, and esti- or technology: Texas Instruments' in- take a long-run view of their business mating the costs to the firm of troduction of transistors into portable setting.

Managers who take this view developing the skills required to enter radios, and Midas Mufflers' applica- will refrain from participating in mar- it. Andrew G. Kaldor calls this "im- tion of a mass-production process to kets in which the long-term effect on bricative" marketing and suggests that auto repairs. He emphasizes "blue the consumer is negative, because "the accumulated skills and internal skies" planning and suggests corpo- they know that the consumer even- strengths of the organization [are] rate goals should be set by consider- tually will vote against such markets planning indicators pointing out the ing the following: and companies.

These mands applied research directed to- is, what it is known for, what it is least limitations lead one to conclude that ward consumers of current products, respected or actually criticized for; the customer can provide some but that he argues against.

This is caused, competencies. In fact, the marketing gested by consumers 4 In one of the they say, by a management philoso- concept's focus on consumer satisfac- earliest descriptions of the marketing phy that emphasizes short-term fi- tion and profits demands that a com- philosophy, Fred J. Borch pointed out nancial returns, corporate portfolio pany operating in a competitive that marketers must look for needs of management, and market-driven be- environment find a position in the which the customer is not aware.

They find that these princi- market in which its distinctive com- Peter Riesz, in an article entitled ples have led to managing with an petencies provide a competitive ad- "The Revenge of the Marketing Con- analytic detachment and a focus on vantage. Their def- A number of management thinkers of today's research and development inition of market-driven behavior, have pointed out the declining pro- is applied research rather than basic however, is not equivalent to the mar- ductivity and competitiveness of research, with an emphasis on im- keting concept or philosophy: American industry and have tied this proving existing products and proc- to reduced expenditures for basic re- esses instead of on developing new A market driven strategy re- search.

They suggested that the mar- products and technologies. As a re- quires new product ideas to flow keting p h i l o s o p h y ' s exaggerated sult, the U. Rather, the increased pressure perior products in the future. The customer can often help caused by tax-accounting rules In contrast, the marketing philos- identify new product opportunities. Often radically different and manufacturing strengths and require most of management's at- ideas do not begin with the con- and skills.

Levitt, an early proponent of but "on no occasion should major cor- the marketing concept, states that Bennett and Cooper in effect argue porate policies and strategies be there are some ideas "which cannot for a philosophy of consumer saris- shaped without proper recourse to easily be proved out in advance with faction but suggest only one tool, marketing considerations.

In summary, the articles suggesting must, to a considerable extent, be ac- Geoffrey Kiel takes a less extreme that the marketing philosophy is in- cepted on faith and then tested out in view when he proposes that the mar- adequate as a corporate strategy actual operating situation. In doing so, he proposes tion bias appear actually to argue that to a slavish acceptance of the mar- a goal for business: maintain a pro- managers have misused the market- 44 keting concept.

But a careful reading ductive balance between market pull ing concept by emphasizing one aspect suggests that they are criticizing not and technology push. He distin- of the marketing mix marketing re- the marketing concept but an over- guishes the concepts of basic and ap- search over others and have focused dependence on marketing research as plied science and argues for the on short-term profits. These authors the process through which new prod- importance of both: argue for a longer-term approach to ucts are created'.

Two years later Ben- corporate decision-making. It was out nett and Cooper e x p a n d e d their Science is the vast pool of of this same argument that the mar- position in an article entitled "The k n o w l e d g e created through keting philosophy was developed 25 Misuse of Marketing.

Technology is the product and its manufacture to the search for new products and The definition of marketing has been market research, advertising, selling, processes directed by the objec- clearly tied to exchange by most and promotion; as a result, product tives of the individual or orga- scholars.

However, some have ar- value suffers. This shift has occured, nization undertaking the gued that the exchange need not bc they say, because business education r e s e a r c h.

In a recent exception to this thereby discouraging significant mutually s u p p o r t each other; Kiel Franklin S. Houston has argued tha product innovation when the payoffs presents empirical evidence that mar- the application of the marketing con. Again, these cri- ket-related forces are the primary cept is inappropriate when additiona tiques are not directed toward the influence on innovation.

His recom- information cannot be used to furthe: marketing concept itself, but rather mendations resemble remarkably the the organization's goals.

In othe: toward its faulty implementation. The product value concept is a overall corporate planning, un- exceed the value of gathering that ifi business orientation that recog- dertaking appropriate market formation, z2 Again, however, this i nized that product value is the feasibility studies at the earliest an a r g u m e n t against the u n q u e s key to profits.

It stresses com- possible time, and developing tioned dependence on marketing re peting on the basis of customer rapport between the marketing search in all situations.

As notec need satisfaction with superior, and research and development above, the marketing concept does nc higher value products. Value functions. Hovell recognizes essary in all cases. See Hise note 5 , and Robert E. Stevens, ed.

For these producers profit tion, Their products 7. See:Barksdale and Darden note 5 ; Kotler tinued production or survival, and the clearly satisfied market needs.

5 Importance of Marketing Concept

The study of the history of marketing , as a discipline, is meaningful because it helps to define the baselines upon which change can be recognised and understand how the discipline evolves in response to those changes. Marketers tend to distinguish between the history of marketing practice and the history of marketing thought:. Although the history of marketing thought and the history of marketing practice are distinct fields of study, they intersect at different junctures. At the same time, marketing academics often develop new research methods or theories that are subsequently adopted by practitioners. Thus developments in marketing theory inform marketing practice and vice versa. The history of marketing will remain incomplete if one disassociates academia from practitioners.

This process is done in a number of different ways; marketing professionals use one or more of the five concepts of marketing in order to earn consumer confidence and create profitable, long-term relationships with consumers. But not all the concepts are equally effective. Not every concept is beneficial to every business, so here is a timely and convenient opportunity to learn more about each one. The production concept is focused on operations and is based on the assumption that customers will be more attracted to products that are readily available and can be purchased for less than competing products of the same kind. This concept came about as a result of the rise of early capitalism in the s, at which time, companies were focused on efficiency in manufacturing to ensure maximum profits and scalability. This philosophy can be useful when a company markets in an industry experiencing tremendous growth, but it also carries a risk. Businesses that are overly focused on cheap production can easily lose touch with the needs of the customer and ultimately lose business despite its cheap and accessible goods.

The Five Marketing Concepts

A day rarely passes without there being discussion of the major changes which organizations in both the public and private sectors, are undergoing to become more effective. The case for change is often said to be driven by the imperatives of an increasingly demanding marketplace; and this case is often expressed in a seductive rhetoric which utilizes maxims and metaphors drawn from the ideological resource of the marketing concept. The authors believe that the current penchant for couching change initiatives in the language of marketing exposes some of the limitations of the marketing concept. Discusses these limitations and addresses the problems which constrain the use of the marketing concept as an ideological resource.

The Marketing Concept: Putting the Theory into Practice

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The Marketing Concept: Putting the Theory into Practice

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History of marketing

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What is Marketing Management?

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