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Alfred H. Barr, Jr.

LeRoy H.

Interview with Mary Anne Staniszewski

Barr, Jr. Along the way they saw the Fifth Quadriennale in Rome and the Twenty-Fourth Venice Biennale; these, the most important art events of the time, would prove major sources for Barr and Soby as the curators of the exhibition Twentieth-Century Italian Art. This essay analyzes how and why Barr and Soby worked to shape a history of Italian modern art within the international context of modernism according to the stylistic genealogy of art that Barr had, since , proposed at MoMA. Twentieth-Century Italian Art was an operation of cultural diplomacy that needed to go through official channels, even as the curators insisted on selecting works based primarily on their artistic value and high quality, without prioritizing the political affiliation of the artists. In Italy, Barr and Soby spoke with everybody: artists, collectors, dealers, important critics such us Roberto Longhi and Lionello Venturi , and museum superintendents and directors. We realize of course that the present political situation in Italy is delicate and complicated.

Published in , The Power of Display is still one of the most fascinating and essential books if we want to understand the history and practices of Modernist museum exhibitions. I was very disappointed about the fact that The Power of Display. MIT Press produced what I thought was a beautiful book. But about 10 years ago, I was told that the Press had decided to have the book go out of print. So I asked if I could have the files so that I could reprint it elsewhere.

Cubism and Abstract Art.

Alfred Hamilton Barr Jr. From that position, he was one of the most influential forces in the development of popular attitudes toward modern art ; for example, his arranging of the blockbuster Van Gogh exhibition of , in the words of author Bernice Kert, was "a precursor to the hold Van Gogh has to this day on the contemporary imagination. Barr graduated from the Boys' Latin School of Maryland. Barr received his B. In , he began doctoral work at Harvard , but left after completing PhD course requirements to pursue teaching. He was not awarded his PhD until Barr was hired as an associate professor to teach art history at Wellesley College in , where in the same year he offered the first-ever undergraduate course on modern art, "Tradition and Revolt in Modern Painting.

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The man who created MOMA

When the Museum of Modern Art in New York opened its new spaces, on November 18, , there was considerable expectation as to how it would represent its own history and , above all, its profile in a new century. Thus, it turned out to be a dilemma for the instsitution to become a place for past art with little space for new art. Indeed, the core of the old collection profited most from the extension , as it was used in the exhibition halls.

A work of art is an infinitely complex focus of human experience. The mystery of its creation, its history, and the rise and fall of its esthetic, documentary, sentimental, and commercial values, the endless variety of its relationships to the other works of art, its physical condition, the meaning of its subject, the technique of its production, the purpose of the man who made it—all these factors lie behind a work of art, converge upon it, and challenge our powers of analysis and publication. And they should be made accessible to other scholars and intelligible to the man off the street. Barr, Jr.

Alfred H. Barr, Jr. and James Thrall Soby’s Grand Tour of Italy

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Particularly in this largely British frame of refer- ence which C. In reaction to photography, painting begins to stress the elements of color in the picrure. By the time Impressionism yields to Cubism, painting has an. El uso del arte.

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The Making of Americans

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Alfred H. Barr Jr.


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by Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Painting, sculpture, industrial and commercial art, typography, pho tography, the theatre and the cim ema have felt the influence of Cub ism.

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Henry Moore Artwork Catalogue Bibliography.

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I have no desire to disparage American art, which is a child, and therefore merits being loved and protected.