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Linear Systems And Signals. No signup or install needed. Signals and Systems - Schaum Series 2.

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Signal Processing and Linear Systems - BP Lathi - Solutions Manual

Home Login Register Search. Report this link. Solution 11anual for. Published by Oxford University Press, Inc. Multiplication of a signal by a constant c increases the power by a factor c2.

Hence from Eq. Using the result in Prob. In addition, the derivative is -lover the interval -4, 0 , and is lover the interval 0. J3 t- ". All the remaining are nonlinear. This can be verified by using the procedure discussed ill Example 1.

Thus, the output is obtained by replacing t in the input with a. Hence the system is time-varying. The output is a constant, given by the area under J t over the interval itl ::; 5.

But this output is not the same as the original output delayed by 1'. If the input is delayed by T, the output is also delayed by T. Hence the system is timeinvariant. Because of the linearity property of the system, we can multiply any row by a constant.

We can also add or subtract any two rows. Let Tj denot. Also 1. It is clearly zero-state linear. The current yet has the same direction shown by arrow regardless of the polarity of Ve because the input branch is a short. Thus the system is zero-input nonlinear. The input is a current source. Hence, as far as the output y t is concerned, the circuit behaves as shown in Fig.

The nonlinear elements are irrelevant in computing the output y f. Hence the output! J t satisfies the linearity conditions. Thus, the output yet always starts after the input by 2 seconds see Fig. Clearly, the system is causal. The output lI t is obtained by time inversion in the input.

Hence, the system is not causal. The output y t is obtained by time compression of the input by factor a. Hence, the output can start he fore the input see Fig.

Hence, the output can start before the input see Fig. Hence, the input can be obtained from the output by first advancing the output by 2 seconds, and then time-expanding by factor 3. Although the system is invertible, it is not realizable because it involves the operation of signal compression and signal advancing which makes it noncausal. However, if we can accept time delay, we can realize a noncausal system. However, the system is invertible for odd values of The characteristic modes are e-2' ami ct.

The characteristic modes are e-2t and te-2t. The characteristic roots are 0 and Therefore O. The characteristic roots are -1, -2 and For Example 2. Using the time scaling property in Prob. This yields A-. Therefore -I.. Now from the result in part a and the shift property of the convolution [Eq. Now Y1 t , the system response to u t is given by The system response to u t - 1 is Yl t - 1 because of time-invariance property.

Ii, "t-I Figure S2. Therefore jet -. Therefore the response to input. The input f t is made up of step components. I r 6r 6r The step component at n6r has a height. J n-e-e-co 2. Hence, from Eq. Let the input to an ideal delay of T seconds be an everlasting exponential e,'t. The output is es t-T. Hence, according to Eq. The roots are -2 repeated twice. The system is asymptotically stable. One root on imaginary axis and none in RHP. The system is marginally stable.

Multiple roots on imaginary axis. The system is unstable. Two roots in RHP, The system is unstable. Two simple roots on imaginary axis, none in RHP.

All roots are simple and on imaginary axis. None in RHP. The system is marginally stable, 2. The system response to ,set is u t. Clearly, the system is an ideal integrator. Each pulse takes up 0. The maximum pulse rate to avoid interference between successive pulses is 1 0. Also E] and E; the energy of the error are The error t - 0. To explain these results in terms of vector concepts we observe from Fig. Because of this orthogonality, the length-square of f [energy of f t ] is equal to the sum of the square of the lengths of ex and e [sum of the energies of cx t and e t ].

Because of this orthogonality, the length of f [energy of f t ] is equal to the sum of the square of the lengths of ex and e [sum of the energies of ex t and e t ]. Let us first compute the energies of all the signals. Using Eq. From the figure, we see that pairs f3. We can verify this also analytically. Because of even symmetry, all sine terms are zero. Figure S3. Because of even symmetry, all thesine terms are zero. J The reason for vanishing of the cosines terms is that when 0.

Hence, the Fourier series would contain dc and sine terms only. Tr ,,5 b. Observe that even harmonics vanish. The reason is that if the dc 0. See Prob. Everything else remains unchanged. Comparison of the above results in part a with those in Example 3.

If we time compress or time expand a periodic signal by a factor a, its fundamental frequency increases by the same factor a or decreases by the same factor a. Comparison of the results in part a with those in Example 3.

This result applies equally well 3.

Linear Systems And Signals Lathi Solution Manual Second

Schafer Adaptive Filter Theory, 5. We are your trusted partner, an independent source of information that helps you feed, fuel and protect the world. The book is suitable for either a one-semester or a two-semester undergraduate level course in discrete systems and digital signal processing. Together they are the global leader in academic book publishing for the humanities, social sciences, and STEM. Solutions Manual for Signals and Systems, 2nd Edition Signals and Systems tutorial is designed to cover analysis, types, convolution, sampling and operations performed on signals. Ask what is the relationship of the compounds with the arbitrary label 3.

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Home Login Register Search. Report this link. Solution 11anual for. Published by Oxford University Press, Inc. Multiplication of a signal by a constant c increases the power by a factor c2. Hence from Eq. Using the result in Prob.

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Linear systems and signals - B P Lathi solutions manual

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Solution Manual Linear Systems And Signals B P Lathi

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