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Difference Between Pn Junction Diode And Zener Diode Pdf

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A normal p-n junction diode allows electric current only in forward biased condition. When forward biased voltage is applied to the p-n junction diode, it allows large amount of electric current and blocks only a small amount of electric current. Hence, a forward biased p-n junction diode offer only a small resistance to the electric current.

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If this external voltage becomes greater than the value of the potential barrier, approx. One of the junctions of a transistor must be forward biased and other must be reverse biased when it operates. The forward and reverse biasing is differentiated below in the comparison chart. Forward Biased … If the reverse-biasing voltage is sufficiently large the diode is in reverse-breakdown region and large current flows though it.

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The major difference between PN junction and the Zener diode is that the PN junction diode allows current to pass only in the forward direction , whereas the Zener diode allows the current to flow both in the f orward and the reversed direction. The other differences between the PN-junction and Zener diode are shown in the comparison chart. The PN junction diode is used for rectification purpose because it allows the current to flow only in one direction. It is a type of switch which only allows the forward current to pass through it. On the other hand, the Zener diode allows both the forward and reverse current to pass through it. The Zener diode is used as a voltage regulator in the electronic circuit because it provides the constant voltage from the supply to the load whose voltage vary over sufficient range. The diode which allows the current to flow in both the direction i.

Since a junction forms between a P type and N type material it is called as P-N junction. One terminal of p-n junction diode is Anode and other is cathode. If the applied potential difference is more than the potential barrier, some holes and free electrons enter the depletion region. From the foregoing discussion the i-v characteristics of a p-n junction diode can be drawn as shown in Fig 2. The distance from one side of the barrier to the other side is called the width of the barrier, which depends upon the nature of the material. A PN junction is the simplest form of the semiconductor diode.

A Zener diode is a special type of diode designed to reliably allow current to flow "backwards" when a certain set reverse voltage, known as the Zener voltage , is reached. Zener diodes are manufactured with a great variety of Zener voltages and some are even variable. Diodes with a higher Zener voltage have a more gradual junction and their mode of operation also involves avalanche breakdown. Both breakdown types are present in Zener diodes with the Zener effect predominating at lower voltages and avalanche breakdown at higher voltages. Zener diodes are widely used in electronic equipment of all kinds and are one of the basic building blocks of electronic circuits. They are used to generate low-power stabilized supply rails from a higher voltage and to provide reference voltages for circuits, especially stabilized power supplies. They are also used to protect circuits from overvoltage , especially electrostatic discharge ESD.

Difference between Diode and Zener Diode

A diode is a semiconductor device which conducts in one direction only. A Zener diode is a semiconductor device which conducts in forward biased as well as reversed biased. A normal diode if operated in reversed biased will get destroyed. Thus, a normal PN junction diode is considered as a unidirectional device. On the contrary, Zener diode is designed in a way that it can conduct in a reversed biased mode without getting damaged. The doping intensity is also one of the key features which distinguish conventional diode and Zener diode. The normal PN junction diode is moderately doped while the Zener diode is doped properly in such a way that it possesses sharp breakdown voltage.

The trimmer resistance is varied, so that the voltage at cathode of the D9 diode changes. Voltage Regulation using Zener Diodes Bryan Witherspoon November 8, Abstract In digital or mixed-signal applications, there is a need to precisely regulate the voltage entering or exiting a circuit. However, the Zener Diode or Breakdown Diode, as they are sometimes referred too, are basically the same as the standard PN junction diode but they are specially designed to have a low and specified Reverse Breakdown Voltage which takes advantage of any reverse voltage applied to it. Due to heavily doped, its depletion layer is very thin and is order of micrometer. At the same time, there will be a constant reverse saturation current due to minority carriers.. A Zener Diode is constructed for operation in the reverse breakdown re-gion.

Diode is the simplest semiconductor element, which has one PN-connection and two terminals. It is a passive element because the current flows in one direction. The Zener diode, on the contrary, allows flowing of the reverse current. In n-type of semiconductor electrons are the main carriers of the charging, while in p-type semiconductor, the main carriers are the holes. When p-type and n-type of semiconductors are connected which in practice is realized by a much more complicated technological process than a simple coupling , as the concentration of electrons in the n-type is much larger than that in the p-type, there is a diffusion of electrons and holes, which aims at equalizing the concentration in all parts of the semiconductor structure. Thus, electrons begin to move from more concentrated to places with less concentration, i.

Summary of P-N Junction Diode and Zener Diode · P-n junction diodes are made of two (p and n) semiconductor layers, permitting current to flow.

Difference Between P-N Junction Diode and Zener Diode

Basic Electronics , Electronics. The main difference between PN Junction Diode and Zener Diode is, PN Junction diode conducts current only in one direction at normal condition but Zener Diode can conduct current in both direction at normal condition. There is little constructional difference between PN junction diode and Zener diode. PN junction diode can conduct current in one direction but Zener diode can conduct current in both direction.

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Main Difference Between PN Junction Diode and Zener Diode

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