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Russian Energy Security And Foreign Policy Pdf

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Energy diplomacy is a form of diplomacy , and a subfield of international relations. It is closely related to its principal, foreign policy , and to overall national security , specifically energy security. Energy diplomacy began in the first half of the twentieth century and emerged as a term during the second oil crisis as a means of describing OPEC 's actions.

European energy security dilemma: major challenges and confrontation strategies

The purpose of this paper is to develop an integrated theoretical framework for energy security concept and to shed light on the policies and strategies applied by the European Union countries to confront the challenges that faces them. The research paper uses Regional Security complexes theory, which mainly developed in Copenhagen school for security studies, that founded by Barry Buzan. This school tried to clarify the untraditional security aspects, through expanding its scope by adding new dimensions than military perspective. Despite the consolidated efforts exerted by the European Union to assure safe levels of energy security, and their continuous pursuit to be liberated from Russian energy over dependence, but the results are still limited. The value of this research paper stems from the fact that it encompass the theoretical aspect by shedding light on all the developments occurred to energy security concept, in addition to the Empirical side, by analyzing various European energy security challenges and their confrontation strategies. Elbassoussy, A. Published in Review of Economics and Political Science.

US-Russia Policy Hits European Energy Supply

The article analyzes the energy security of the Baltic States Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia in the context of polyhybression of the Russian Federation, which acts against them multifrontally by means of hybrid methods, mainly by energy leverage. It is noted that the countries of the region are currently energy dependent on the Russian Federation. Attention is focused on the resistance of the Baltic States to official Moscow's hybression in the energy sector. Buchyn, M. Information war on Russia against Ukraine: features and mechanisms of counteraction. Humanitarian Vision, Volume 4, Issue 1,

PDF | On May 1, , Nalin Kumar Mohapatra published Energy Security and Russia's Foreign Policy | Find, read and cite all the research you.

The Evolving Russian Challenge to EU Energy Security

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Foreign Policy Preferences of Russia’s Energy Sector: A Shift to Asia?

This decline of interest is partly due to Russia scaling down the aggressive nature of its energy policy. The Russian leadership remains a firm believer in the key role of hydrocarbons in world energy business as well as a cynical sceptic regarding renewable sources.

In addition to unilateral economic sanctions, the US government is focussing on the export of liquefied natural gas LNG. The more the European-Russian energy trade is drawn into the conflict between Washington and Moscow, the more serious the consequences are likely to be for European energy supply. The increased use of economic instruments of power in US policy towards Russia is negatively affecting European and German interests. This project has not only been criticised in the European Union and Germany, but in Washington too. The US government is exploring ways and means to stop this project from being completed.

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Energy diplomacy


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