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Christoph Becker, Markus F.

Although the etiology of IBD is unknown, gut microbiota alteration dysbiosis is considered a novel factor involved in the pathogenesis of IBD. The gut microbiota acts as a metabolic organ and contributes to human health by performing various physiological functions; deviation in the gut flora composition is involved in various disease pathologies, including IBD.

Inflammatory bowel diseases IBDs are chronic inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract that occur in genetically susceptible individuals. The fundamentals of IBD pathogenesis are considered a defective innate immunity and bacterial killing with overaggressive adaptive immune response. The human gastrointestinal GI microbial population is a complex, dynamic ecosystem and consists of up to one thousand different bacterial species.

Dysbiosis in the Pathogenesis of Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

As per the comments of Reviewer 2, we have rerun the species identification considering all IBD samples as a group and then classified by a depressed or not depressed state. We have furthermore added a small description of the set of species and expanded the introduction with some of the citations suggested. However, we cannot add covariation analysis as the metadata is quite incomplete and heterogeneous and likely to give misleading results - hence this was not performed. See the authors' detailed response to the review by Yasir Suhail. Increased depression rates have been frequently reported on patients with inflammatory bowel disease IBD Graff et al. Altered microbiomes can have big impacts on the health and development of both the gut and brain, and alterations in the ecology of this microbiome, a process known as dysbiosis, have been separately linked to both depression and IBD Kaur et al.

Inflammatory bowel disease IBD is a chronic immune-mediated disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract. It is argued that environment, microbiome, and immune-mediated factors interact in a genetically susceptible host to trigger IBD. Recently, there has been increased interest in the development, progression, and treatment of IBD because of our understanding of the microbiome. Researchers have proved that some factors can alter the microbiome and the pathogenesis of IBD. As a result, there has been increasing interest in the application of probiotics, prebiotics, antibiotics, fecal microbiota transplantation, and gene manipulation in treating IBD because of the possible curative effect of microbiome-modulating interventions. In this review, we summarize the findings from human and animal studies and discuss the effect of the gut microbiome in treating patients with IBD. Core Tip: Inflammatory bowel disease IBD is a chronic immune-mediated disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract.

The gut microbiota and inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammatory bowel disease IBD is a chronic and relapsing inflammatory disorder of the gut. Although the precise cause of IBD remains unknown, the most accepted hypothesis of IBD pathogenesis to date is that an aberrant immune response against the gut microbiota is triggered by environmental factors in a genetically susceptible host. The advancement of next-generation sequencing technology has enabled identification of various alterations of the gut microbiota composition in IBD. While some results related to dysbiosis in IBD are different between studies owing to variations of sample type, method of investigation, patient profiles, and medication, the most consistent observation in IBD is reduced bacterial diversity, a decrease of Firmicutes, and an increase of Proteobacteria. It has not yet been established how dysbiosis contributes to intestinal inflammation.

PDF | Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is characterized by flares of inflammation deregulated immune response to gut microbiome dysbiosis. This plane was used as a proxy to represent the normal microbial In summary, by analyzing fecal samples collected every 3 months from a large IBD cohort.

Gut microbiota and inflammatory bowel disease: The current status and perspectives

Despite the bi-directional interaction between gut microbiota and the brain not being fully understood, there is increasing evidence arising from animal and human studies that show how this intricate relationship may facilitate inflammatory bowel disease IBD pathogenesis, with consequent important implications on the possibility to improve the clinical outcomes of the diseases themselves, by acting on the different components of this system, mainly by modifying the microbiota. With the emergence of precision medicine, strategies in which patients with IBD might be categorized other than for standard gut symptom complexes could offer the opportunity to tailor therapies to individual patients. The aim of this narrative review is to elaborate on the concept of the gut-brain-microbiota axis and its clinical significance regarding IBD on the basis of recent scientific literature, and finally to focus on pharmacological therapies that could allow us to favorably modify the function of this complex system. Core tip: The complex interplay between gut microbiota and the brain, and vice versa, has recently become not only the focus of neuroscience, but also the start point for research regarding many diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases IBD and irritable bowel syndrome.

Classic strategies to treat IBD are focused on decreasing inflammation besides inducing and extending disease remission. However, these approaches have several limitations such as low responsiveness, excessive immunosuppression, and refractoriness. Despite the multifactorial causality of IBD, immune disturbances and intestinal dysbiosis have been suggested as the central players in disease pathogenesis. Hence, therapies aiming at modulating intestinal microbial composition may represent a promising strategy in IBD control. Fecal microbiota transplantation FMT and probiotics have been explored as promising candidates to reestablish microbial balance in several immune-mediated diseases such as IBD.

Inflammatory bowel disease IBD arises from disruption of immune tolerance to the gut commensal microbiota, leading to chronic intestinal inflammation and mucosal damage in genetically predisposed hosts. In healthy individuals the intestinal microbiota have a symbiotic relationship with the host organism and possess important and unique functions, including a metabolic function i. A fine balance regulates the mechanism that allows coexistence of mammals with their commensal bacteria. In IBD this mechanism of immune tolerance is impaired because of several potential causative factors. The gut microbiota composition and activity of IBD patients are abnormal, with a decreased prevalence of dominant members of the human commensal microbiota i.

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understanding, there is so far no consensus on how to take into account the gut microbiota when treating IBD. Research how probiotics dampen inflammation.

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Metagenomic analysis of the gut microbiota in inflammatory bowel disease cohort so far, comparing newly diagnosed pediatric CD.