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Creative Thinking Tools And Techniques Pdf

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Techniques to enhance creative thinking. Describe the four basic elements of the system for understanding creativity. The following types of cognitive processes are used here: generating ideas, integrating ideas, or seeing things in new ways. Brainstorming Basic Guidenlines Suspend judgment: This is the most important rule. Book Description - ISBN 37 Pages This free eBook describes five popular creative thinking techniques that can help managers to encourage creativity within their team and to be more creative themselves.

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Let's begin with a timeless classic. The Checklist. Young children are amazingly creative. Six Thinking Hats. Lateral Thinking. Random Word Generation.

Opposite thinking will help your team to challenge their assumptions about the problem and possible solutions and come up with non-obvious ideas. Individually list 2 assumptions you have about the problem your are trying to solve or about solutions that you have in mind 10 min. Share your assumptions and add them in the left column of the opposite thinking template 10 min. Individually pick an assumption and define one or two opposite realities in the second column 5min. Individually think about these new realities , how it affects your problem and add potential solutions to the third column 5min. Keep repeating steps 3 and 4 until you have identified opposite realities and potential solutions for all assumptions 10 min. Global innovation projects.

Opposite thinking

Explore different methods of thinking. Brainstorming Brainstorming is the most familiar and popular idea-generating technique for groups. Useful in all stages of a larger problem-solving process, brainstorming is entirely divergent. A formal version of Charrette involves creative cram sessions over a number of days in which architects, their creative suppliers, municipal officials, developers, and residents participate. Such sessions are also called inquiry by design. Since the arrival of the now classical Osborn-Parnes structure, any number of academic and business entities have re-sorted and renamed the stages and phases of what we now call the Creative Problem Solving Process CPS. Critical thinking is the objective analysis of facts to form a judgment.

We love digital - Call and say hello - Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm. Call Even if you have a designated topic, it can often be seemingly impossible to think of anything worthwhile to say about it. For people who create content every day, it can be difficult constantly coming up with new ideas. Below are eight of my favourite creative problem solving techniques. Mind mapping aka brainstorming or spider diagrams is the little black dress of idea generation; it never goes out of fashion. It almost feels wrong to walk into an agency and not see some form of mind map on a whiteboard somewhere.

But if you start making something, creative ideas seem to emerge naturally out of the process. Brainstorming , lateral thinking and thinking outside the box have always felt a bit corporate and contrived to me. Having said that, here are four types of creative thinking that I use myself and which I know for a fact are used extensively by high-level creators. Only one of them reframing is under conscious control. Another mind mapping works via associative rather than rational thinking.

Creative Thinking Tools And Techniques Pdf

This is a suite of 9 creative problem solving tools from Erik op ten Berg. His creative problem solving process takes a challenge and finds ideas that are new, useful and meaningful. You and your group will find original ideas which are always there. Please note that the video and audio quality is a little shaky in places. Sorry about that!

Lateral Thinking Techniques. Lateral thinking is the mental process of generating ideas and solving problems by looking at a situation or problem from a unique perspective. There are two fundamental thinking tools that are very different and, at the same time, very useful in the process of Creative thinking.

Creative Thinking Tools, Techniques & Methods and their Subroutines

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27 creativity & innovation tools is a suitable overview of various commonly used​htm The 'assumptions' technique aims at overcoming your thinking habits in order to create​pdf.

Lesson 5: The Four Most Powerful Types of Creative Thinking


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Creative Thinking Tools, Techniques & Methods and their Subroutines

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